You know to call a New Jersey attorney for the common things: speeding tickets, suspended licenses, or court appearances. But there might be some reasons to hire an attorney that you don’t realize. For instance, take a look at these 3 uncommon reasons to hire a New Jersey attorney.

Improper Passing of a School Bus

In the state of New Jersey, it’s illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped to pick up children. Cars should stay 25 feet behind the school bus to allow children to cross the street and board the bus. Also, vehicles should remain stopped until the flashing red lights on the bus have turned off. Because of this law, if you pass a stopped school bus, you could incur a $100 fine, 15 days of incarceration or community service, 5 points on your license, and 5 points on your insurance.

Loitering for CDS

CDS stands for “controlled dangerous substance.” A loitering for CDS charge can happen if you repeatedly pass, stop by, or engage with persons or places with the intent to find or sell CDS. In addition, police in New Jersey keep an eye on daily activities that look suspicious, including meeting the same person at the same time every day and making an exchange. As a result, if you are charged with loitering for CDS, a New Jersey attorney can fight for you on the $1,000 fine, 6 months in jail, probation, and criminal record.

Tailgating Penalty

Tailgating is the practice of driving too close to the car in front of you, with the front of your car in danger of hitting the other’s tail. All cars should have a “reasonable distance” between them, which is a 2-second interval on dry roadways, 4 to 5 seconds on wet roadways, and 100ft for trucks. Because of this, a tailgating conviction means you could be incarcerated up to 15 days, fined $85 ($140 if you are going 65+ miles per hour), incur 5 points on your license, and be charged any other fees deemed applicable.

When To Call A New Jersey Attorney

Your New Jersey attorney can have the charges reduced or dropped completely. You’ll want to hire someone who knows state law and gets results. Call Leon Matchin, Attorney at Law, for any criminal allegations including the three above or for other legal advice. Call (833) 732-7320 or email him at [email protected].