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4 Preventable Sources of DNA Contamination

May criminal cases turn on the outcome of DNA evidence, and many people are under the impression that this type of evidence is objective and provides foolproof results. In reality, however, DNA evidence is often misleading, and a substantial number of cases in which DNA evidence was involved have been overturned at a later date due to questions about its accuracy.

For this reason, if you are facing a criminal case in which DNA evidence may be used against you, it is imperative to contact an attorney familiar with how to challenge the results or accuracy of DNA evidence. Here are four ways that DNA evidence could be contaminated.

Lab Errors

When DNA material is sent to a lab for testing, the people who work with need to follow specific procedures in order to ensure that it is not contaminated. Individuals who are not careful may mix samples up with one another and may even contaminate a sample with their own DNA.

Crime Scene Errors

Similarly, errors at a crime scene could result in a contaminated DNA sample. Because crimes scenes are often chaotic places with many people investigating various things, there is ample opportunity for DNA sample contamination to occur.

Storage Errors

In order for a DNA sample to be testable, it must be stored under very specific conditions. Failure to do so at any point from when it is collected, sent to the lab, or tested could call the results of DNA testing into question.

Deliberate DNA Contamination

In some cases, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, or lab technicians may deliberately contaminate or even fabricate a DNA sample or the results of a test in order to get the evidence they want. This can occur due to a personal vendetta against another person, a desire for a conviction, or because of racism, sexism, or other prejudice. Whatever the reason, when this occurs, it can have devastating consequences for people who have been falsely accused of crimes, and any indication that this has occurred should be thoroughly investigated.

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