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5 Types of Drug Charges You Could Face

While most of the country focuses on marijuana’s changing legal landscape and the escalating opioid epidemic, there are other drug-charge related issues that few people are even aware of. In New Jersey, there are five types of drug charges that you can be hit with. To get a better handle on your own case, it helps to understand these charges.

Drug Charge Overview

Not all drug charges are created equal. Some are open to pretrial diversion programs such as drug court and treatment, while others are not. There are five basic categories of New Jersey drug charges:

  • Dealing or Selling Drugs

The charge of selling or dealing drugs is usually reserved for those people who possess more than an amount intended for personal usage but less than an amount that could be trafficked. Dealing or selling charges can lead to prison time. Enhancements that increase your charge can also come into play if you allegedly sold the drug near a school zone or to a minor.

  • Manufacturing or Cultivating and Delivery

A charge of manufacturing alleges that you made the drugs in question (methamphetamine for example). A charge of cultivating alleges that you grew the drugs in question (marijuana plants for example). A charge of delivery alleges that you delivered the drugs that you manufactured or cultivated to someone else.

  • Trafficking

Trafficking refers to the transport of large amounts of drugs. This charge can be brought for intrastate activity, but it can also be brought for interstate activity. Such charges are serious and offer little room for leniency.

  • Possession

Possession charges are reserved for small amounts of a drug that are consistent with personal use. Such a charge could present a viable opportunity to be considered for a pretrial diversion program. The courts can look at a possession charge as a signal that you need addiction treatment more than you need jail time.

  • Paraphernalia

Charges regarding the possession of drug paraphernalia allege that you possess items that are typically used in the sale, use, distribution, manufacture, or cultivation of drugs. Some of these items are basic household things – like digital scales – so they will be examined within the larger context of the situation.

Drug charges are complicated, and if you are facing any of these five drug charges, it’s no time to take matters into your own hands. You need experienced legal counsel.

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