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I feel it’s important to share my successes with you because each case, whether small or large, is an important victory for your rights and freedom.

Last week I just had a court dismiss a drug charge which occurred after an accident that caused severe injuries to a pedestrian.  The police took my client to the hospital for blood testing, believing that she was under the influence (remember that a DUI is more than just alcohol—it encompasses anything that alters your sobriety).  After the testing they determined that she was impaired at which time they brought her to the police station where she was read her Miranda warning and advised of her right to remain silent and that she was entitled to hire an attorney.

During the police interrogation, she admitted to using CDS (controlled dangerous substances—which can include anything from cocaine to opioids to heroin). Based on that admission, they charged her.  In court I played up the inherent contradiction and obvious inconsistency of the State trying to prove that she was under the influence of drugs while at same time administering Miranda warnings to her, asking her to waive her rights when she was clearly unable to do so knowingly and voluntarily.

If she was under the influence, the State must decide a) whether was she was—and in which case the Miranda rights that she waived are involuntary, or b) if she was not under the influence, there shouldn’t be any charges.  The prosecutor and judge eventually agreed and dismissed the charges based on this inconsistency.

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