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NJ Attorney Leon Matchin

I always knew I would be an attorney. My uncle was a prosecutor and a successful defense attorney, so why not do what he does? I graduated Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1998. I started Seton Hall University School of Law at Newark, New Jersey the fall of that same year, part time. Also that year I got a full time job at a law firm in Elizabeth, New Jersey from which it was an easy 15 minute commute to my night classes to law school for four years. I graduated Seton Hall in 2002 and immediately hung my shingles. I never worked for anyone as a practicing attorney. I did everything an attorney does at the firm I worked at, except of course represent clients in court. When I got my license to practice I went out on my own right away. I was 26 years old. My four years working and studying gave me the confidence and knowledge to take such a leap of faith at such a young age. I am still working for myself as a practicing attorney to this day representing clients in court charged with various criminal, drunk driving and traffic offenses. At this point in my career I am a Certified Municipal Court Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey.

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