I recently had a drug possession charge dropped and I thought it was significant to share the results of it with you because it illustrates the importance of your constitutional rights and why we have certain procedures in place to protect them.

Here was the situation: my client’s mom called the police because the client was being very belligerent with her.  When the police arrive at the home, they opened the door to his room and found illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia next to his bed.  As a result, my client was arrested and charged with possession.

The police argued that since the mom had given them permission to be there, they were allowed to enter the bedroom.  I argued that the permission granted was to simply go inside the house. They took that further by going inside the room, which exceeded the scope of the permission given to them. The officers had no right opening the door to my client’s room without a warrant to do so.  The prosecutor eventually agreed to dismiss the drug charges without even having a hearing on the matter.

This is why I love the constitution so much.  There are procedures in place for a reason; they are there to protect our rights and freedoms—especially when it comes to searches and seizures, which is governed by the Fourth Amendment.  You have a right to privacy and any violation of that must be properly documented through the correct channels via a search warrant.

“An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic,” as founding father Thomas Jefferson once said.  It’s important you know your rights.  And in the event that they are violated, like in the example above, remember that you also have the right to legal counsel. When results count, call me, defense attorney Leon Matchin, at (833) 732-7320.  With a proven record of success, I’m the guy you need.  Don’t trust your freedom to just anyone.