Toking and driving charges are bound to rise after the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. It’s just as dangerous as drinking and driving, but marijuana related driving charges bring additional factors that do not work in the accused’s favor. It’s important to have the best possible defense to fight these charges, and the best attorneys come from New Jersey.

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Why You Need Extra Protection, and How an Attorney Helps

Although you are permitted to use marijuana, toking and driving has the same legal penalties as drinking and driving. Whatever you smoked or drank may be legal, but operating a vehicle while impaired by these substances is not.

Marijuana use, whether for recreation or medical reasons, is a highly controversial issue and police officers who have had to arrest people for toking and driving for many years are often against the fact that the drug is legalized. This may create significant bias if you’re pulled over for a minor infraction and the officer discovers you use marijuana. To complicate matters further, any blood or urine tests could reveal signs of metabolized marijuana. These can remain in your system for days after even a small dose. Any officer or prosecutor with an anti-marijuana platform could use this as a sign of incapacitation.

Hiring an attorney gives you a shield against biased or poorly-researched prosecution. These professionals can prevent the opposition from turning you into a scapegoat or levying unfair punitive measures for a simple misunderstanding. While hiring an attorney to help with legal trouble is always a good idea, it’s especially important for anyone caught toking and driving.

New Laws Need Expert Lawyers

Most laws that directly affect you have been around for a while, but as we mentioned earlier, marijuana is only newly legal in states like New Jersey. This leaves a lot of room for discussion as courts determine the unwritten fine print of prosecution, guilt, and liability. Today, courts are still setting precedents for driving under the influence of marijuana. Depending on who defends you, this could be an advantage or a risk. In order to push back against any pre-established bias, you need attorneys comfortable with extended research who aren’t afraid of blazing new trails.

Hiring an attorney from New Jersey ensures you have a defense intimately familiar with the details of New Jersey’s state law. Since the legalization of marijuana is determined by the state rather than federal government, this specialized expertise is essential. Local attorneys approach these cases armed with insights and prior experience you can rely on. Even their experience with the state’s court systems can work in your favor.

Cultural acceptance of marijuana is still uncertain, but there’s no reason to face charges for legally using marijuana. You should not be penalized based on the bias of the officer or prosecutor involved in your case. New Jersey attorneys have the specialized experience you need to defend yourself.