Change Coming to License Suspension from Unpaid Parking TicketsParking tickets and New Jersey drivers just seem to go together. Unpaid parking tickets, however, are being demoted by New Jersey law. Once the new law goes into effect, New Jersey drivers will be allowed more time to settle these unpaid parking tickets before their driving privileges are suspended by the State. You may not even be aware that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission currently retains the right to invoke your license suspension immediately upon notification from the court that you didn’t settle a parking ticket or that you didn’t respond to a notice of Failure to Appear.

New Law: New Hope

Under the new legislation, which won’t go into effect until December, the Motor Vehicle Commission will delay drivers license suspensions until 30 days beyond their receipt of a Notice of Suspension from the court. If your drivers license is in question, the Commission must also send you written notification of the upcoming suspension of your drivers license based on unpaid parking tickets. In effect, the Commission is allowing drivers 30 days of breathing room before bringing the hammer down. Take your New Jersey parking tickets seriously; New Jersey certainly does.

It’s About Time

Those sponsoring the new legislation comment on the harsh nature of imposing a drivers license suspension for a simple unpaid parking ticket. After all, parking tickets are small pieces of paper that can easily blow away or be ripped from windshields. Additionally, many New Jersey residents don’t realize that they’ve jeopardized their drivers license privileges by not paying parking tickets – that they may or may not have known about in the first place. No one is advocating for a New Jersey parking free-for-all. Instead, sponsors seek a kinder, gentler approach to enforcing parking tickets – an approach with reasonable consequences.

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