New Jersey Gun LawsAccording to a report published at, Governor Chris Christie’s administration is set to make significant changes to the state’s gun laws. New Jersey, long known as having some of the most restrictive laws regarding guns in the country, makes it extremely difficult for individuals to obtain a license to carry a handgun. Current state laws can also make it challenging for people traveling with guns.

Recently, Attorney General Robert Lougy announced that New Jersey residents who can establish a “serious threat” to their lives will be able to obtain gun permits within a month. In addition, the definition of a “serious threat” will be expanded to include dangers that are “are not directed specifically at an individual but which establish more than mere generalized fears or concerns.”

The move comes in response to the June 2015 homicide of a New Jersey woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while waiting for a gun permit application to be approved. In that case, the woman had already obtained a restraining order against the man and her permit application had been delayed beyond the 30-day time limit within which New Jersey agencies must process gun permit applications. She was stabbed by the man in her own driveway less than two months after having requested the permit.

New Jersey Weapons Violations can have Serious Consequences

New Jersey imposes significant legal consequences on people who are found guilty of violating laws related to firearms and other weapons, including the following:

  • Probation
  • Significant fines
  • Community service
  • Jail time

Fortunately, if you have been arrested on suspicion of a weapons offense, an experienced attorney may be able to help. Cases that involve the illegal possession of guns or other weapons generally arise after police search you, your home, or your vehicle. If this search violated your 4th Amendment rights, it may result in the case against you being dropped. In addition, if you are a first-time offender, you may be able to get into a pretrial diversion program that, if successfully completed, could avoid a conviction from being entered into your record. To determine whether these or other options apply in your case, you should discuss your situation with an attorney.

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