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Code Word: Extra Olives

Restaurant Delivers Pizza and Cocaine

Gone are the days that requesting a pie with extra olives got you a pie with extra olives. Recently, a Papa John’s restaurant in Washington was pushing pies with cocaine standing in for the extra olives.

Operation Extra Olives

Two men, employees at the Papa John’s, were arrested in the store’s parking lot for selling the cocaine. The authorities dubbed the drug sales operation extra olives after undercover cops made four separate drug purchases from the two men in a six-month investigation. The undercover detectives would enter the restaurant, order their pizza with extra olives, and wait for the pie out in the business’s parking lot. On each of these four occasions, one of the two employees would deliver the pizza box with the cocaine inside to the waiting undercover cop.

Further Investigation

After arresting the two men, area police departments joined forces to search the Papa John’s restaurant and the surrounding area. In total, they found approximately $28,000 in cash, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, Oxycodone, methamphetamine, and ecstasy. Upon further investigation, the officers discovered cocaine residue around the restaurant and found drugs stashed all over the restaurant, including in sinks, soap dispensers, and the cash register.


Ultimately, five people were arrested in connection with this illegal drug operation. None of those involved were managers, and the managers were reportedly oblivious to the goings on. Papa John’s corporate issued a statement condemning the employees’ actions and relaying that they have zero tolerance for this type of offensive and illegal behavior.

Possession of CDS

In New Jersey, possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), such as cocaine and the other drugs found in operation extra olives, is a serious charge. Your case matters. If you’re looking at a possession of CDS charge, you need an experienced drug charge attorney on your side.

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