Another great outcome to a case! I just got a drug charge dismissed. I wanted to share with you the results of this particular scenario because it might be meaningful if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

During what started off as a routine traffic stop, the police officer searched my client’s vehicle without a warrant.  The officer claimed the client gave him permission to do so, though there was no video and he did not obtain written and signed consent either.  While performing this undocumented search, drugs were discovered in the car and my client was arrested and charged with possession.

I motioned the court to dismiss the charges based on the fact that the search was warrantless and there was no evidence of verbal consent.  Because I had made a strong, clear case for this, the Judge granted it.

This is another example of police overstepping their boundaries and violating the basic rights set in the 4th Amendment which protects us from just that.  So in the event you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic.  Know that you have the right to an attorney.  Give me a call, defense attorney Leon Matchin, at (732) 662-7658 or email me [email protected] for a free consultation.  I have a proven track record of success because I fight to ensure my clients get the best possible deal whatever the case.  When results matter, I’m the one you want.