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DUI Case Downgraded!

I just got a DUI case with a high Alcotest reading downgraded to a lower tier which resulted in lower collateral consequences for a client!  Keep reading to find out the details of this great outcome…

Recently, I achieved a good result for a client on a DUI case.  After rear-ending and side swiping another vehicle, my client was arrested for DUI and blew .18 on the Alcotest—which is more than double the legal limit of .08.  As a first offense, he was facing a 7 month to a year loss of license and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device in his vehicle because the reading was above .14.

I was able to convince the Prosecutor and the Judge to throw out the Alcotest results—and without a reading, the worst that the Judge can do under the law is suspend the license for 3 months instead of the minimum of 7 months.  That also meant that the Judge could not order the ignition interlock device to be installed.

How did I get this accomplished?  After careful review of the evidence provided, I discovered that the police took three hours to administer the Alcotest to my client after arresting him.  In addition, the officer who administered the Alcotest was not the officer who arrested my client.  I researched the issue and found two previous cases that explicitly stated that the Alcotest must be administered to an arrested driver for DUI “without unreasonable delay”.  I argued that 3 hours was an unreasonable delay according to the set standards.  After I kept repeating my arguments over and over again, on the fourth appearance the prosecutor finally realized I was serious about defending the case to the end.  He offered my client a deal of a lesser license suspension, which the client took.

In my business, this is considered a good result.  Instead of facing much harsher penalties, my client will answer for a lesser offense, thanks to my dogged persistence.  Because of having his charges downgraded, my client won’t face the possible jail time or the installation of the ignition interlock device he would have otherwise, and the fines he will have to pay are not as expensive either.  He will be able to drive again much sooner than the initial consequences would have allowed.

When you hire me as your attorney, rest assured that I will be with you to the very end.  I fight vigorously to get my clients the best possible deal, no matter the situation.  Not only do I have the expertise and experience to take on the hard cases, I am also highly respected among my peers.  The results don’t lie—when you need an attorney who will get the job done, I’m your guy.  Give me a call, attorney Leon Matchin, at (833) 732-7320 to talk about your case.

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