DUI Charges Anyone who drinks alcoholic beverages and gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle risks getting pulled over and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), and celebrities are no different. Fame and wealth do not make a person immune to state and federal laws regarding drunk driving, and we repeatedly see headlines reporting that another celebrity has been arrested for DUI.

However, in many cases, people are shocked to learn that a celebrity received a mere slap on the wrist and seemingly no penalties for their DUI charges. This is not necessarily because the courts give deference to famous people, but likely because they hire skilled DUI defense attorneys who know how to successfully limit the consequences their clients face.

Recently, for example, former supermodel Stephanie Seymour was arrested and charged with DUI in Connecticut. Her attorney negotiated and came to an agreement with both the prosecutor and the court that stated Seymour would attend an alcohol education and rehabilitation program. In exchange for her voluntary participation in the program, she would have her DUI charges dismissed.  However, a diversionary program such as this, unfortunately, is not available in New Jersey.  Still, there are many other different ways an attorney can defend against DUI charges and some additional methods of defense include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Challenging the results of field sobriety or chemical tests;
  • Challenging the officer’s testimony;
  • Identifying any violations of your constitutional rights.

All of these defenses can potentially result in a significantly more favorable outcome than you would have received without high-quality representation. Many of the above defense approaches can result in a dismissal of charges so that you do not have a DUI conviction on your permanent record.

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