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In Florida, they don’t – um – horse around when it comes to making arrests for driving under the influence (DUI). In fact, such an eventuality recently came to pass for a woman who was charged with drunk driving while drunkenly riding her horse down a Florida road. The woman tested at twice the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC), and she now faces charges of both DUI and animal neglect.

Setting the Scene

The county sheriff released a statement which reveals that the woman on horseback was obviously in no condition to have taken to any road – much less the often-busy road that she was on. A driver who passed the drunken driver atop the horse alerted the authorities to what she identified as a woman who is confused and possibly in danger. This isn’t to mention the fact that the woman also endangered everyone else on the road.

They Do Things a Bit Differently in Florida

In Florida, a vehicle is defined as every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, and a horse happens to fit this bill. In Florida, you can be charged with a DUI while riding a bike or riding a horse – no motor need be involved.

Not So in New Jersey

While this is a unique DUI case, it’s important to point out that New Jersey doesn’t roll that way. In New Jersey, you can only be charged with a DUI if you are operating a motor vehicle. This is not to say, however, that another charge couldn’t be brought against you if you made the unfortunate decision to take to your steed and drunkenly ride it down one of New Jersey’s busy streets.

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