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Expungement Attorney

Expungement Process

Having a criminal record or record of an arrest can affect your ability to get a college education, join the military and obtain a job. Don’t let a mistake affect your chances of earning a living and bettering your life; an expungement can erase a criminal record/record of arrest giving you a fresh start.

The expungement process is a way to remove a record so when asked, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime” your answer will once again be a resounding NO! Once completed, your past arrest and conviction will be removed from the data banks utilized by for background checks.

Going to Court for Expungement

It may not be necessary for you to appear in court for the expungement process. After a fact finding phone consultation, Attorney Leon Matchin will determine if your presence in court is needed.

If My Record is Expunged Will it Show Up? 

Yes, under New Jersey Law, if you apply for a job with a law enforcement agency or with the judicial branch of government you must report that your records were expunged. Additionally, if you have expunged a previous conditional discharge you must report the expungement, as you would not be entitled to go through this program again.

When Can I Apply for an Expungement?

If you were arrested and not convicted, typically you can apply for an Expungement immediately. If you successfully completed a Pre Trial Intervention (PTI) or Conditional Discharge program, the waiting period is usually 6 months. If you were convicted of a town ordinance violation the waiting period is typically 2 years. Conviction of a disorderly or petty disorderly offense, requires a waiting period of 5 years. If you were convicted of indictable offense the waiting period is typically 10 years, however in some instances you may be able to apply in as few as 5 years. These waiting periods start after several conditions are met, either from the date the judge imposes the sentence, the date all of your fines are satisfied, after the successful completion of parole/probation, or the date you complete your prison term (whichever comes last).

What is the Cost for an Expungement?

Our law firm offers a reasonable fee for most expungements. Call The Law Offices of Leon Matchin LLC now for a free consultation at (732) 887-2479.

For more information about expungements in New Jersey please visit my legal guide here.

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