Extortion Charges for One NJ Drug CounselorAnyone can be accused of a crime – even those who we believe are supposed to help others. New criminal allegations were filed against a drug counselor in New Jersey who worked for both the state and part-time for a private substance abuse treatment facility. Allegations filed by the state claim that as part of the 54-year-old counselor’s job at the private center, he took up to $1,500 from clients to lie on their progress reports. Allegedly, the patients failed drug tests and the counselor blackmailed them so they could cover up the results of the tests.

Reports indicate that the drug counselor will plead guilty to extortion, accepting a plea deal that involves the following consequences:

  • Five years of probation
  • Repayment of the extorted money
  • Revocation of his counseling license

In addition, the man was suspended from his state job and it is unlikely that he will be reinstated since he is losing his license. He also lost his part-time position.

The above is an example of how significantly criminal charges and convictions can affect your life. In addition to fines, probation, and jail time ordered by the court, a criminal case can have an adverse effect on your professional life, as well. Even allegations can result in the suspension of a professional license and termination from your job. Furthermore, if employers conduct background checks on prospective or current employees, you may be disqualified if you have a criminal conviction. This is especially true if you have fraud or money-related convictions and you are trying to work in a financial position or another job that requires trust.

While a favorable plea deal can mean that you do not go to jail for certain offenses, having a charge dismissed completely can help ensure that you experience minimal consequences in your future professional life. It can also be helpful if you qualify for diversionary programs or other options that keep convictions off your record. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review all of your options and pursue a defense strategy that can best preserve your future.

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