Foolish Drug Dealer Gives Free Heroin Samples to Undercover CopsSEPTA police officers work to keep people safe while riding public transportation in and around the Philadelphia area. Sometimes, officers go undercover to identify criminals more easily and often make arrests for evading fares or smoking. Recently, however, one man made is remarkably easy for two undercover SEPTA police officers to arrest him for dealing heroin.

The man approached the undercover cops and outright offered them free samples of heroin that he was selling. The police officers stated this is not uncommon in certain areas in which the heroin trade is particularly strong. Once the man handed them the samples, the officers placed him under arrest and he had to post $5,000 bail to be released from custody.

Possession With the Intent to Distribute in NJ

Possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) is a serious matter in New Jersey, especially for narcotics such as heroin that are classified as Schedule I drugs. However, the consequences can become much more serious if law enforcement agents believe that you possessed the drugs with the intent to sell or otherwise distribute them.

In the above case, it was fairly obvious that the defendant was trying to distribute heroin as he physically handed off bags of the drug. In some cases, this may not be as obvious and the prosecutor will have to use other circumstantial evidence to prove you were trying to sell or distribute the drugs you allegedly possessed. Such evidence can include:

  • Possession of scales or other measuring tools
  • Having drugs that are individually bagged or possessing bags
  • Possessing large amounts of cash
  • Having a greater amount than is usual for personal use

Possession of a Schedule I CDS with the intent to distribute can carry a sentence of up to five years in state prison and a fine of up to $35,000. Because of the potentially severe consequences that come with this offense, it is critical to have a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer handling your case if you are arrested.

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