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How Does a Marijuana DUI Conviction Affect My Future

For many people, a ticket for a marijuana DUI is a big deal. If it is your first time being in trouble, you are likely concerned about the effect that a potential DUI ticket will have on your future. Granted, a traffic ticket for a marijuana DUI is not the worst thing that can happen to you. On the other hand, a traffic ticket for a marijuana DUI offense can have an impact on your future, so you should carefully consider the potential ramifications.

Below are the consequences that are likely to occur if you are found guilty of a marijuana DUI ticket. With these things in mind, it is likely to your benefit that you seek counsel prior to signing on the dotted line and admitting guilt. Over the next few sections, we will discuss the potential outcomes.

Driving Record

If you admit to or get found guilty of a marijuana DUI ticket, the ticket will show up on your driving record. Unfortunately, this ticket could cause you difficulties. In most instances, your driving record is not a big deal. However, if you want a career that requires driving, it could come into play. For example, if you would like to drive a taxi, cab, delivery truck, or become a truck driver, this ticket will show up on your record. Have you thought about becoming an Uber driver? You might want to avoid a marijuana DUI ticket.

Driving Restrictions

In New Jersey, there will be driving restrictions due to a marijuana DUI traffic ticket. A DUI in New Jersey has the same driving restrictions that a DUI for alcohol carries. Therefore, legal authorities might suspend your license anywhere between 7 months to a year. Furthermore, they could also require you to have an interlock device on your vehicle for 6-12 months. As a result, before your vehicle will operate, you will need to blow into the device. Once it determines that your breath is substance-free, your vehicle will start. Let’s not forget the financial costs of a marijuana DUI. You could face a $3,000 surcharge from the state, as well as fines from the court. Additionally, you will need to take an intoxicated driver’s resource class.

Advise Your Supervisor

After your ticket, you need to notify your supervisor, especially if you’re required to drive a vehicle for your employment. Your employer may have policies in effect that would restrict you from driving for a certain period. If not, you will still need to discuss the requirement of an interlock device when you are driving a company vehicle.

If you receive a ticket for a marijuana DUI, it is worth it, in the end, to contact an attorney to discuss your options. There are some potential ramifications of admitting guilt to this type of moving violation. Click here if you need further assistance. Call us at (833) 732-7320, or email us

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