The state of New Jersey has very strict traffic laws, especially when it comes to speeding. You may be in need of an attorney without ever realizing it. Speeding can harm your driving record, your ability to carry a license, and your bank account. The following are some reasons you may need an attorney.

You’ve Earned 12 Points in 12 Months on Your License

One speeding ticket can earn you 4-5 points on your license. Because of this, points add up quickly for those who get caught speeding more than once a year. Once you earn 12 points on your license, it will be suspended. However, an attorney can help you get your license back. But there may be more fines and hoops to jump through for the reinstatement. For this reason, New Jersey residents hire attorneys for their speeding tickets. This is to see if the tickets can be dismissed or downgraded.

You Drove Through a Speed Trap

Police officers will often create speed traps in New Jersey. These traps are most often in areas where the speed limit drops abruptly, and cars take a while to slow down. When a police officer waits off the side of the road for a car to go the previous speed limit in the lower speed limit zone, that’s a speed trap. As a result, this waiting game can be cause for hiring an attorney. When you hire an attorney for this reason, they can advocate for you. Maybe you were slowing down already but the police officer clocked your speed before you could slow down all the way. Because of this, your attorney will be able to give you the best defense for a speed trap ticket.

Your Fines Were Doubled

Did you know that if you are in a speed zone of 65 miles per hour and you go above the speed limit you could encounter double fines? A New Jersey law created to curb racing states that if you go a certain amount above the speed limit in a 65+mph zone you could face double the fine. New Jersey already fines $220-$260 per ticket. An attorney may be able to plead your case to either get the ticket dismissed or keep you from paying the double fine.

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