Do you need a New Jersey attorney? You certainly have a few to choose from, but how will you know that you’ve chosen the right one? How can you narrow down the possibilities until you find the perfect attorney? Thankfully, the following list will help you make the right choice. Go through the list below and ask yourself if your attorney has the following traits.

Experience With Your Type of Case

First, determine what kind of attorney you need. Have you been accused of a crime or misdemeanor? In that case, you need a defense attorney. Next, look for an attorney who has experience with your kind of case. Attorneys usually outline the types of cases they’ve worked with on their websites, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for fairly easily. For example, if you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct, make sure that your lawyer has a section about disorderly conduct on his or her website.

Success Stories

Of course, it’s not enough that your attorney has worked with your kind of case before. You want an attorney who has successfully worked with your kind of case. Once you know that you’ve found an experienced New Jersey attorney, check that attorney’s website for success stories. You can also do a google search for “[attorney name] reviews” to see what other people have to say. Though the details of each case may be protected, you can get an overview of some success stories.

Willingness to Answer Questions

Though your attorney may have argued dozens of cases just like yours, you may be in this situation for the first time. That’s why your attorney should be willing to answer your questions. He or she may explain the plan to build your defense and then leave time for questions afterward. You may also think of questions long after your first meeting with your attorney. When you talk to your attorney, you should get the sense that your questions are worthwhile and important. An attorney who rushes through your questions may rush through your case.

New Jersey Attorney

If you’re looking for a New Jersey attorney, Leon Matchin is here to help. When you need an attorney who will treat you like a priority and explore your case from every angle, then Leon Matchin is the one to call. You can reach him at 732-887-2479 or at [email protected]. Make an appointment to discuss your defense with Leon today.