Fight Your Traffic TicketFor many people, speeding and violating other traffic laws is a calculated risk. They may be aware that they are driving over the speed limit and they are willing to accept the fine if they get pulled over. For that reason, people will often openly admit that they were speeding, sign the ticket, and pay the fine. What they do not realize, though, is that there are consequences outside of the fine that are often more costly than the initial fine itself.  These long-term consequences make it important to fight the ticket.


This consequence is commonly known; however, did you know that depending on your speed, your fine can range from $50.00 to $200.00? Furthermore, if you are exceeding 20 mph over the speed limit – or just 10 mph over the speed limit in a 65 mph zone, your fines are doubled. Thus, the first reason to fight a traffic ticket is to ensure that you are not unfairly fined. Successfully reducing the speed on your violation can cut your fine by over 50 percent.


Another common consequence of traffic tickets is the assessment of points on your license. For example, points for speeding range from 2 to 5 and if you are booked with another violation in addition to speeding, that number can increase quickly. Points are an important consideration because many consequences are directly linked to the points on your license, including surcharges with the MVC and possible suspension of your driver’s license. Ensuring that you are not wrongfully convicted will allow you to minimize or eliminate the points against your license.

Insurance Premiums

When getting auto insurance, you authorize the insurance agency to pull your driving record. The insurance company looks at this to determine the risk of loss and the likelihood of accidents. Speeding tickets and traffic violations often result in a higher frequency and severity of traffic accidents. The more traffic violations you have, often the higher your insurance premium. The increase can be 10%-20% for the first violation and 50% if you have additional tickets in the next years. Fighting a speeding ticket can reduce the charges or keep them out of the reach of your insurance company, allowing you to keep your rates lower.

Employment Issues

If you are employed as a driver or even in a position that may require occasional driving, your employer will pay close attention to your driving record. Unsafe drivers subject the employer to liability as they have a duty to ensure their employees are safe. Employers look to your driving record to make this determination. If an employer discovers a traffic violation, they may be required to demote or terminate you depending on their internal policies and the availability of alternative positions. Losing your job is detrimental to your way of life, and it is not worth risking. Fighting a ticket can help protect your position.


Driving is a privilege and a condition of that privilege is following the traffic rules and regulations. In New Jersey, if you receive 12 points against your license, your license is suspended. Every ticket you receive can add points and it is important to work diligently to keep the number as low as possible. Fighting your ticket will help ensure that you are able to continue driving.

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