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Immigration License Updates and Changes

January 15th, 2021

MVC Misses Deadline for New License Regulations for Undocumented Immigrants On 12/18/2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law that would create a path for undocumented immigrants to acquire driver’s licenses in New Jersey. At the time of the signing, COVID was a minor blip on the radar. However, over the last year, COVID […]

New Jersey Attorney Help: Are You Eligible for a Fresh Start?

January 8th, 2021

Thanks to recent statute changes, New Jersey attorney help has an even greater chance of helping you escape charges. To be more specific, the State has enacted the “Fresh Start Act of 2019.” For certain felony cases, there’s a chance of expunging the charges, which keeps future employees or law enforcement from seeing the details […]

Theft in the Workplace: New Jersey Attorney Consultation

December 25th, 2020

Attorney consultation in New Jersey should be a priority if you’ve been charged with workplace theft. Under state law, you could be facing more than 6 months of incarceration if convicted, which is enough time to completely derail any life plans. In fact, being convicted of workplace theft can seriously hinder your chances of getting […]

What Are the Potential Consequences of Disorderly Conduct?

December 18th, 2020

A New Jersey attorney likely has plenty of experience with disorderly conduct charges. For one thing, familiarity is key to helping defendants past legal woes. In the case of disorderly conduct, such a charge can be complicated to the civilian eye, so a knowledgeable attorney is certainly a helpful option. Disorderly conduct involves behavior around […]

DUI Penalties and How A New Jersey Attorney Can Get Charges Dismissed and Downgraded

December 11th, 2020

In the state of New Jersey, attorney services are recommended if you are charged with a DUI. Keep in mind that this legal scenario is complicated, with several factors that are easy to misunderstand. Going at it alone would be a mistake. Legal representation can help get charges dismissed or downgraded. Here are some details […]

How A New Jersey Attorney Can Help With Expungement

December 4th, 2020

Unless you’re a New Jersey attorney, the patterns of the justice system might be unfamiliar to you. Typically, you are first accused of an unlawful act. Then, if you’re arrested, you will be entered into the “System.” This alone is not great news. What’s worse is that by the time you’ve gone through the necessary […]

How A New Jersey Attorney Can Help in a Personal Injury Case

November 27th, 2020

An automobile personal Injury case involves several key factors. Depending on the extent of the injuries, an individual can face harsh penalties if they don’t approach the judge with a strategy. In New Jersey, laws exist to both punish and reward individuals depending on their involvement. These key factors might be more important to you […]

4 Possible New Jersey Attorney Legal Defenses for Leaving the Scene of an Accident

November 20th, 2020

We all know that New Jersey traffic accidents happen without warning. Accident aftermaths are a common sight for drivers trying to get to a destination. That means it’s easy to detach ourselves from such costly and traumatic moments when we are the bystander or passerby. However, what happens when you’re involved in an accident and […]

Possession of Marijuana: Current Laws and Potential Legalization

November 13th, 2020

The use of marijuana varies in legality from state to state. In some states, it is completely illegal. In 11 states, it is fully legal. Other states decriminalized marijuana possession, which means there is no jail time or criminal record for first-time offenses if the amount possessed is small. In these states, first-time marijuana possession […]

Understanding Your Rights When Interacting with the Police

November 6th, 2020

Did you know that when you come in contact with the police, you have certain rights? From having the right to remain silent to the right to an attorney, these are important things to know even if you have never come in contact with the police before! After a charge is made, contact a New […]

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