New Handgun PermitsWith the repeated reports of gun violence across the country, many Americans want to make it more difficult for an individual to lawfully purchase and possess a firearm. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many people in New Jersey are criticizing new action taken by Governor Christie regarding handgun permits in our state.

New Jersey gun permit regulations have been some of the strictest in the United States. The law in our state requires the following for a gun permit approval:

  • The individual can show an urgent necessity for protecting themselves with a gun
  • Their life is in actual danger
  • There have been previous attacks or specific threats against the applicant’s life
  • There are no other means of self-protection

These very specific criteria have made it difficult for many ordinary citizens to obtain a handgun permit in New Jersey. However, Governor Christie has now loosened one criterion to make it possible for more people to be approved for a permit.

The changes specifically address the “specific threats” requirement for a successful application. Instead of requiring that the threats be against the applicant themselves, the changes allow a person to qualify if they show a general serious threat with no requirement that the threat be directed specifically toward the applicant themselves. The threats must only cause more than a generalized concern or fear that there may be danger. This means that potentially, an applicant could get approved for a gun permit if they live or work in a certain neighborhood or in a higher-risk profession.

Gun permit requirements do not stop individuals in New Jersey from possessing handguns or other firearms. Anyone caught in possession of a gun without the proper permit may be arrested and may face serious consequences including fines, probation, jail time, and a criminal conviction on their record. It is critical for anyone facing a gun charge to contact a lawyer who is familiar with the changing gun laws in our state.

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