New Jersey attorney

Whether you received a traffic violation charge or a criminal charge, it’s essential to seek out the help of an attorney. Representing yourself in court is challenging. Having an attorney represent you increases your chance of having the charges against you downgraded or even completely dropped. The first step is doing your research and then hiring an attorney as soon as possible. Sites like Justia,, Google Reviews, and can help you find an experienced New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin. Once you find an attorney, it’s important to establish a relationship of trust and honesty.  

Seek Help from a New Jersey Attorney ASAP

The first thing to do after you or a loved one has been charged is to seek help from an attorney ASAP. You don’t have any time to lose! The faster you find someone to represent you in court and start creating your defense, the better. Never hired an attorney before? That’s ok! Follow our guide to understand how to pick the best lawyer possible and to create a relationship of trust.

Do Your Research

Picking a random attorney off Google is never a good idea. Sometimes attorneys can have beautiful websites with engaging content but not be an ideal candidate to represent you in court. Instead of getting drawn in by colorful, enticing websites, take the time to read reviews on local lawyers. Visit sites like Justia,, Google Reviews, and to see what other people are saying about the attorneys you are interested in. When using review sites, look for an overall trend of good reviews. Don’t get discouraged if you see a poor review here and there; it happens even to the best of lawyers. The key is finding someone with a lot of reviews (a plethora of reviews shows experience) that are overall positive. Don’t just look at how many stars each review gives; take the time to read the reviews to learn more about the attorney. For example, you might discover through reading reviews that your future attorney has defended many clients against DUI charges. If you have received a DUI, it’s comforting to see that the attorney has a lot of experience in that particular area of the law.

Find a Good Match

Once you’ve done your research and narrowed down your attorney choices, it’s time to schedule initial consultation appointments. During these appointments, you can find out whether the attorney is a good match for you. Some clients schedule multiple initial consultations with different lawyers, while others find the perfect attorney on their first try. Whatever the case is, make sure you feel like you are being heard during the initial consultation meeting. Also, look for your attorney to brainstorm potential solutions and defenses for your case. An attorney who is creative and willing to think about your case is usually the sign of someone you want to represent you. 

Be Truthful and Thorough 

When discussing your case, always be truthful and thorough with your attorney. Don’t leave any details out! You never know what small occurrence in your story will set off a lightbulb in your attorney’s head and lead to a potential defense argument. It’s also vital that you are truthful. The last thing you want is to lie to your attorney and then be caught in that lie in the courtroom. That makes both you and your attorney look bad. No matter how embarrassed or nervous you are to share the truth, it is critical to the success of your defense.

Listen and Be Receptive 

When it comes to a client-attorney relationship, listening is a two-way street. It’s important for your attorney to closely listen to everything you tell them, but it’s also critical that you listen closely to them. Your attorney will devise a plan about the defense they plan to use in court. They also will guide you through the court process by providing tips on what to wear, how to act, and the best way to respond to questions in the courtroom. The best client-attorney relationships are those where listening and receptivity are practiced by both parties. 

A New Jersey Attorney Can Help You Years After Receiving a Charge 

Most people seek out an attorney when they are currently dealing with charges. Did you know an attorney can also help you with charges you received years ago? Through the expungement process, an attorney can help file the necessary paperwork to have your charges permanently erased from your record. Expungement means that when filling out job applications, you can honestly say that you were never charged with a felony, misdemeanor, etc., as it is now erased from your record. Some exceptions apply regarding expungement, so it’s important to discuss your particular situation with an attorney. 

There are many aspects and dynamics to the client-attorney relationship. The key is seeking out help early and finding someone you can trust. An open, honest relationship with your attorney is the best way to have your charges downgraded or even dropped. Sharing every detail, large and small, about your case is critical in helping your attorney create a solid defense for the courtroom. To learn more about how an attorney can help you with your specific case, contact Leon Matchin to set up an initial consultation. During your meeting, he will discuss your case and explain the court process. Start the process today! Contact Leon Matchin by phone at 732-887-2479, or email him at [email protected].