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Finding Trust in New Jersey Attorney

There are so many attorneys out there–it can be difficult to find one that you trust. When seeking out an attorney, it is important to look for certain qualities. The attorney should be a good listener and communicator, be experienced, and have a plan of action. Leon Matchin, a New Jersey attorney, possesses all of these qualities and more! Read on to learn about what you should look for in an attorney.

A Good Listener

First and foremost, your attorney should be a good listener. It is very important that they hear all the details of what happened. Remember, when talking to an attorney, no detail is too small to share. You never know what you might say that will trigger the attorney to recognize a key piece of evidence that can be used to build a case. As you speak with various attorneys, be sure to pick one that truly listens to your story. Leon Matchin provides clients with a free consultation so they can decide if he is a good match for their case.

Experienced New Jersey Attorney

Another quality that an attorney should have is an abundance of experience. Leon Matchin has years upon years of experience defending clients in various cases. From criminal cases to traffic violations, he has seen it all. There’s a good chance that he has already seen a case similar to yours and already has a plan for how to build a defense for court. Your attorney should be able to fully explain the law in question and what the associated penalties are. The attorney should also be able to fully explain how the court process works so that there are no surprises.

New Jersey Attorney Plan of Action

A trusted attorney should always have a plan of action. The goal should be to get the client’s charges downgraded or dismissed. Your attorney should be proactive and organized when it comes to making a plan of action for you.

A Good Communicator

Last but not least, the attorney should be a good communicator. You should never feel left in the dark about what is going on or what the next step of your trial is. Leon Matchin is great about communicating with his clients throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the court hearing.

Googling New Jersey attorney leaves you with hundreds of results. How do you know which to choose? Finding someone you trust comes down to key traits of the attorney such as being a good listener, possessing a high level of experience, having a plan of action, and being a good communicator. Leon Matchin is extremely trustworthy and is happy to take on your case with a listening ear and a proactive mind. For more information about finding an attorney you can trust, call Leon Matchin today at (833) 732-7320, or contact him via email at

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