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New Law Makes Expungement Easier

As of October 1st, those who need criminal record expungement may find the process easier. A new law has brought various changes to the expungement process, making it less limited and more efficient. As a result, attorneys who work with expungement applications have seen an increase in clientele.

Why Seek Expungement?

When a person has a criminal record, that person will notice an impact in almost every aspect of his or her life. Think about job applications, for example. While applying or interviewing for a job, applicants generally have to answer questions about whether they’ve been arrested or convicted of a crime. Those who can answer “no” have a much better chance of getting a good job. Those who have to answer “yes” may have to settle for lower-quality, lower-pay jobs.

Having a criminal record can also impact a person’s living situation. Of course, having a lower-paying job means having to seek lower-cost living environments. Furthermore, a criminal record can lower a person’s chances of getting housing in the first place. Rental agencies generally run background checks on potential tenants. This means some applicants are denied housing based on those background checks.

Criminal record expungement removes those records from the system. When job and housing agencies run background checks, those expunged records will no longer appear in the results. Expungement, therefore, can help people live better lives.

The New Changes

While some crimes like kidnapping and murder are never removed, the new law does expand the number of disorderly persons offenses that are eligible for expungement. Now, many people with records can seek expungement for offenses that still show up on background checks. Only one conviction is eligible for expungement from a person’s record. The new law says that certain crimes committed in a short timeframe can be grouped together for expungement.

The recent law also shortens the amount of time that a person must wait before getting a record expunged. Previously, a convicted person would have to wait 10 years before he or she could apply for expungement. This new law reduces that period to six years.

How to Seek Expungement

Talk to an attorney to discuss the best way to get your record expunged. Many attorneys specialize in expungement applications, proving legal services to clients who want to expunge old crimes. Because different states have different laws, local lawyers can help their clients navigate their state’s guidelines. Furthermore, attorneys can advise their clients about whether or not they may have to appear in court.

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