New Rule Requires DNA collection for 19 Disorderly Persons OffensesAs of July 1, 2017, the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety requires that law enforcement officers collect DNA samples for anyone convicted of any 1 of 19 separate disorderly persons offenses. Prior to this new law, New Jersey only collected DNA samples from violent criminals who were convicted of crimes such as rape and manslaughter. This somewhat controversial new bill will expand New Jersey’s state DNA database considerably.

Pros and Cons

State law makers believe this expansive new bill will allow New Jersey to reduce crime and to potentially exonerate those who’ve been unjustly accused – by increasing the DNA profile pool that’s available to law enforcement. Critics, on the other hand, point to the bill’s dramatically expanded approach toward collecting personal data on still more people. These detractors see the bill as a furtherance of a big brother mentality.

An Expansive Approach

This newly implemented bill adds indictable disorderly persons offenses to the crime list that requires DNA sampling upon conviction. An indictable disorderly persons offense in New Jersey is on a par with felonies in other states. This is because an indictable offense in New Jersey carries a mandatory minimum of one year in prison. Such indictable offenses include those charges that require suspects to be fingerprinted upon booking, and include such offenses as domestic assault, prostitution, and some drug crimes. Shoplifting and marijuana charges, however, are specifically excluded from this DNA sample requirement. New Jersey’s DNA database began in 1995 and was originally implemented to identify sex offenders. The database allows police agencies throughout the state to match suspects with crime scenes; it also feeds into a larger FBI database.

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