WeedmanThe man known as “NJ Weedman” has been at the forefront of the movement to legalize marijuana in New Jersey since the 1990’s. Over the years, he has been arrested numerous times, both for protesting activities and for marijuana-related charges. He most recently made headlines after an arrest on April 27, 2016.

Police raided NJ Weedman’s establishment–which has a restaurant and self-described “cannabis church,” called the Liberty Bell Temple. Law enforcement officers had reportedly been investigating the establishment for months. Several people were arrested, including NJ Weedman, who now faces the following criminal charges:

  • 13 counts of distribution and possession of marijuana
  • 2 counts of possessing marijuana paraphernalia
  • Maintaining a nuisance related to narcotics
  • Having an unlawfully fortified premises

As he has in most of his criminal cases, NJ Weedman told the media that he plans to provide his own defense, beginning at his hearing in early June. He claimed most of the charges are due to serious exaggerations or false assertions by police officers. For example, he claimed that the “fortified premises” charge stemmed from the fact that he had security cameras in his business. He also claims that he never sold any drugs from his establishment unless a person has a valid medical card.

While NJ Weedman may be trying to prove a point that the criminal system is overly harsh or even corrupt when it comes to marijuana charges, defending yourself can be very risky when facing such serious charges. The penalties for even one conviction of marijuana distribution can result in extended jail time, costly fines into the tens of thousands of dollars, and a serious indictable crime conviction on your permanent record. In addition, NJ Weedman had prior drug-related convictions and, therefore, the penalties can be increased even more. As of February 2021, both recreational and medical marijuana use are legal in New Jersey. Keep in mind that even though marijuana use is legal, it’s still illegal to sell without a license, cultivate without a license, drive under the influence, and possess more than six ounces.

Experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney Leon Matchin has extensive experience defending against a wide array of marijuana-related charges, as well as other controlled dangerous substances (CDS). While NJ Weedman stated he looks forward to heading into court and defending his own case, a skilled legal defense can work to keep him out of jail so he can continue with his activism.

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