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Scientists Develop Marijuana Detecting Breathalyzer

For drivers getting behind the wheel while under the influence of marijuana, there is a new gadget in the works that will make it much easier for police officers to gauge when a person has been smoking. Similar to the breathalyzer commonly used for reasons of measuring alcohol intake, the marijuana breathalyzer measures the THC level in a user’s breath.

The new device has been developed by Hound Labs Inc., a California-based company under the supervision of CEO Dr. Mike Lynn. It measures the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient in cannabis that keeps users high. A selling point of the device is its convenience and speed, as it does not require the lengthy laboratory tests associated with urine, blood, or saliva tests that are commonly used.  Dr. Lynn hopes that a widespread adoption of the technology will deter users from getting behind the wheel, and as such save lives from intoxicated drivers.

Before the device can be popularized, there will need to be a clarified standard for marijuana impairment, which is not currently widespread. The breathalyzer will be tested next year by San Francisco police officers in the bay area this coming year, and Lynn hopes that sales will begin in the coming year as well. There is another similar device being developed at Washington State University, and ongoing political debates about the legality of cannabis will likely be the deciding factor in a widespread adoption of the breathalyzers. With the rise in more mainstream acceptance, it is likely that these two products will be joined by other competitors before long.

Observe with benefit, however, that from a legal standpoint you have no obligation to submit to such a marijuana detection device as of right now.  Nevertheless, if the law changes I will inform you.  There is no such recommendation from the legislature in the pipeline at this time.

In New Jersey, marijuana was legalized for recreational use in February 2021. Marijuana users can purchase marijuana up to one ounce and can possess up to six ounces. If you break either of these limits, it’s a fourth-degree cirme. If you have been charged with marijuana possession in excess of the legal amount, whether behind the wheel or not, or of a high quantity or not, you will always need an experienced lawyer on your side to fight for you in the battles ahead.

With over a decade of experience fighting for your rights on cases of possession and other drug offenses, you can rest easy knowing that I have your back through the court processes. Contact the office of Leon Matchin today at (833) 732-7320 to learn how I will explore all the legal channels to get you the best result possible, and I look forward to meeting with you and beginning to learn about your case.

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