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Be Smart with Your Green: How to Stay Legal with Your Marijuana

DUI marijuana charges and other offenses are bound to rise with the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Even though marijuana use is now legal for everyone (not just medical users) in New Jersey, there are still laws. Staying legal with your marijuana requires a knowledge of the new laws.

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Buy with Caution

Medical marijuana is legal, but it is still strictly controlled. Whether you are buying medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, you must purchase it from a licensed retailer. Always double check that the seller has permission to sell marijuana, and ask for proof, if possible. Plenty of people will try to take advantage of unwary new customer to make some quick money. Make sure you are not a victim. Thinking about cultivating your own marijuana? Think again! Cultivating marijuana is illegal for anyone who doesn’t have a license.

Use Responsibly

The second step for safe marijuana use is caution. Whether you feel like you are impaired or not, marijuana influences your perception, reaction time, and other higher functions. This is why driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal. Think of it like alcohol. It’s legal to consume, but public inebriation and driving under the influence can still end in jail time. If you use marijuana, you need to make sure you only take it when you know you don’t have to get behind the wheel. Make sure you do not have to drive anywhere and make sure you are not in a position to create a public disturbance. As of February 2021, it is now legal for users to carry up to six ounces of marijuana with them. Even though it’s legal to possess, you might want to avoid carrying marijuana and associated paraphernalia with you in the car. That way, if you are pulled over, the officer has no reason to incorrectly suspect you are under the influence.

Be Prepared for DUI Marijuana Complications

Unfortunately, even if you are a legal marijuana user, have all your papers in order, buy responsibly, and use your medication with caution, you may still get a marijuana DUI. How is that possible? The sad fact is that police drug testing for marijuana has not kept up with the substance’s spreading use as a legal prescription. Testing blood or urine often reveals evidence of marijuana use days or even weeks after consumption. This means if you use your prescription regularly, you may test positive for a marijuana DUI every day, even if you haven’t used for half a week or more. To combat these unfair allegations, you need a knowledgeable and effective attorney. Choose a representative in advance and keep their information on hand in case you ever face charges for taking your medication. As soon as you get a prescription, you should choose your legal aid.

Your prescription is only the beginning of your journey. To avoid legal consequences for taking your medicine, you need to pay close attention to the product’s source, plan doses in advance, and be ready for flaws in the legal system. Don’t try to fight charges on your own. An attorney can help ensure your rights are respected after all your hard work.

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