Smartphone Breathalyzer New technology is all the rage, and now with the unlimited number of applications and connections, a smartphone compatible breathalyzer test is not such a surprising invention. A recent experiment testing the different types of like-minded assessments have found some surprising results.

A writer for a well-know magazine decided to put this application to the test in a recent analysis of this new concept. Here’s what was discovered: a few of the tests stayed consistent while the experimenter continued consuming alcoholic beverages in the safety of his home. He tested his BAC (blood alcohol content) after each drink over the course of a few hours. Using four different compatible tests: the Breathometer Breeze, the Alcohoot, the BACtrack Mobile, and the BACtrack Vio, the set up was rather simple, a connection wireless or wired through the headphone jack, and the device was ready for the breath. Besides the application on the smartphone, each comes with a device that you blow into, thereby measuring your BAC.

The results for the first drink were not too surprising. The Breathometer Breeze registered a .019%, the Alcohoot a .017%, the BACtrack Mobile a .012%, and the BACtrack Vio a .031%. The only one that seemed to be more than a little off was the BACtrack Vio, which read a level nearly three times more than the BACtrack Mobile did.

After more drinking and more testing, the end results after five drinks yielded these final BACs: Breathometer Breeze at .082%, the Alcohoot at .114%, the BACtrack Mobile at .091%, and the BACtrack Vio at .117%. Comparing these readings to the initial ones after the first drink found that the Alcohoot and the BACtrack Mobile were the most consistent with their readings. That’s not exactly saying that they were completely accurate.

If you are planning to rely on a smartphone breathalyzer to determine if you are sober enough to drive home, you may set yourself up for a DWI. The companies marketing this great invention look to make money off such apps, knowing people will spend the extra dollars in hopes of avoiding driving under the influence. Relying on this app to determine whether you can drive may be costly. If you were charged with a DWI, call me, defense attorney Leon Matchin today.  I have the expertise you need as well as hundreds of favorable case results helping clients with these charges and I can help you to fight against your DWI.  Call today for a free consultation at (732) 662-7658.