dismissed dui caseI want to share a recent win with you on a case I just successfully finished handling after more than two years of working it.  A client of mine was charged with DUI back in August of 2012.  This was his third offense and if convicted, he was facing six month jail sentence with 10 year license suspension.

I worked tirelessly on the case for over a year and a half, I subpoena the 911 tapes, the caller to 911, the tape in the Wawa parking lot where the stop took place and after all that work the municipal court judge still denied my motion to suppress (which means that the defense attorney—me in this case—asks the judge to dismiss the case based on police impropriety).  After the denial, I immediately filed for an appeal.  I am thrilled to announce that it was just granted, whereby the judge dismissed the case!

The client could not be happier.  He has a huge weight lifted off his shoulders and is now able to resume his life as a transnational truck driver worry free without this unfortunate incident hanging over his head.

The consequences of a conviction can be devastating, so if you want an attorney who will see things through to the very end, call me, Leon Matchin, at (833) 732-7320.