Traffic Violations

The Most Common Traffic Violations In New Jersey

Have you been accused of a traffic violation? You’re not alone. Among those who need a New Jersey attorney, traffic violation ratios are high. In fact, traffic violations are one of the most common reasons for needing an attorney. Even among traffic violations, though, some have become more common than others. Based on our research, we’ve included some of the most common traffic violations below.


You probably won’t feel any surprise when we tell you that speeding is one of the most common New Jersey traffic violations. Virtually everyone who’s driven a car has gone over the speed limit at one time or another. New Jersey in particular has a lot of speed traps and strict speeding laws. If you’ve been charged with speeding, you might consider calling a New Jersey attorney. Traffic violation attorneys are your best bet, since you know that they’ll have experience with arguing speeding tickets.


Tailgating happens when one person drives too close to the car in front of his or her own car. Sometimes, tired drivers tailgate without realizing what they’re doing. At other times, drivers tailgate out of anger, believing that the person in front of them is driving too slowly. Tailgating puts both drivers and their passengers in danger, so avoid it by keeping several feet between yourself and the car in front of you. A tailgating charge can exist on its own, or it can become part of a reckless driving charge, depending on the circumstances.

Expired Touring Privileges

Driving with expired touring privileges seems like a simple charge, but a few different circumstances can get involved. For example, last week we mentioned that drivers under age 21 who move to New Jersey must apply for a license all over again. In the eyes of New Jersey, their out-of-state licenses don’t count if they live here. As a result, a driver could get ticketed for driving with expired touring privileges without realizing that he or she has broken any laws.

New Jersey Attorney: Traffic Violation

If you need a New Jersey attorney, traffic violation or otherwise, Leon Matchin would love to provide your legal counsel. As a hardworking and successful defense attorney, Leon handles traffic violations with complete care.  He’ll examine your case from every angle to build your defense. Ready to get your own legal counsel? You can contact Leon Matchin by phone at (833) 732-7320. You can also email him at

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