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Thinking About a Trip to Canada? Not with a DUI on Your Record

Our neighbors to the north don’t take kindly to DUI convictions, and – unlike many other countries – they have the means to investigate criminal records right at their borders. If you have a New Jersey DUI, carefully consider your options before heading north.

Thinking About a Trip to Canada? Not with a DUI on Your Record

Entry Denied

Canada reserves the right to bar entry to any foreigners who have committed indictable offenses. Additionally, Canada weighs such offenses according to its own legal standards rather than according to the laws where the charges were brought. While a DUI isn’t an indictable offense in New Jersey, if you have one, you may be turned away at the Canadian border.

Other Means of Entry

If you have a NJ DUI on your record, you still have options for entering Canada. These include obtaining a temporary resident permit or going through criminal rehabilitation (neither is an especially easy option). A temporary resident permit requires that you have a valid reason to request temporary Canadian residency of up to three years. Criminal rehabilitation, on the other hand, is a means of illustrating that you have a stable lifestyle and that you haven’t been arrested since you got the DUI on your record. You can apply for this rehabilitation five years after your conviction, and you will be deemed automatically rehabilitated after ten years (this doesn’t apply if you have more than one DUI). Once Canada deems that you’ve been rehabilitated, you are welcome to visit their fine country.

Not Yet Convicted

If you were arrested but have not been convicted yet, Canada doesn’t care. They don’t distinguish between arrest and conviction for purposes of allowing your entry. If your pending charges are later dropped, the arrest alone will not bar your entry into Canada.

New Jersey DUI

A New Jersey DUI is not only expensive and disruptive but also comes with a host of negative side effects. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in New Jersey, don’t leave your case to chance.

You need an experienced DUI attorney who will guide your case toward its most positive resolution.

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