Traffic Violations

Unable To Renew Your License?

Because Of Outstanding Issues In New Jersey?

In my 13 years of practicing law, I have taken on many cases to assist out of state drivers get their licenses reinstated by resolving old traffic tickets they had acquired in New Jersey.  If you’re having trouble renewing your license in a different state because of an unsettled ticket from the Garden State, I can get this issue settled for you—and in most instances you don’t even have to return to New Jersey!

The onset of more advanced technology has seen the creation of the National Registry of Driving Records.  Motor vehicle agencies all across the nation are finding it easier to share data on drivers’ histories with newly computerized records.  Where you might have been able to get by in the past, thanks to this online database it is now possible for a parking ticket forgotten years ago to come back to haunt you.  I have seen a case where someone has moved to and been living in California for the past several years and upon trying to renew their license actually was notified that it is suspended for an unresolved motor vehicle ticket obtained in 1997 in New Jersey.  Believe it or not, this happens more frequently than you might think, especially in California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida but also in other states as well.

So what are you to do in a situation like this?  Before you can have your license reinstated, the issue needs to be resolved.  But now you’re no longer in New Jersey and can’t take the time to come back to fix it—now what?  Well that’s where I come in.

I can have your matter re-opened in New Jersey and in most cases have the issue resolved by affidavit so that I can appear in court on your behalf without you having to return.  I will make the process as quick and easy as possible for you, and all it takes is a one phone call to my office for us to get started on restoring your license.  For your convenience, I offer a free consultation by phone.  Call me, attorney Leon Matchin, at (833) 732-7320 today to get your driving privileges reinstated as soon as possible.

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