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Video Campaign to Stop Drunk Driving

Over the past few decades, many different public service announcements (PSAs) have been filmed by anti-drunk driving advocacy groups and televised to encourage people not to drink and drive. One recent PSA promoted by the non-profit We Save Lives not only focuses on the harm drinking and driving can cause, but also on the potential criminal consequences.

In the PSA, we see a partygoer enter a bar bathroom, only to be surprised that the mirror is actually a video screen. From the screen, a man speaks, informing the intoxicated partygoer that he is speaking from prison, which is illustrated by his blue jumpsuit. The speaker explains that, in 2010, he hit a police car head-on after drinking and is now serving 15 years in state prison after he was convicted of DUI manslaughter.

DUI Convictions can be Serious

While the above video PSA was using a convicted DUI offender’s prison sentence as a scare tactic to help prevent drunk driving, the truth is that the consequences of a conviction for driving under the influence in New Jersey can be serious. You may face serious penalties even if you did not cause an accident or hurt anyone. Some of the maximum consequences you can face in a DUI case may include the following:

  • Up to 30 days in jail
  • About $1,000 in fines and fees
  • $1,000 MVC surcharge each year for three years
  • Up to one-year suspension of your driver’s license
  • Possible ignition interlock device once your license is reinstated
  • Alcohol education program

These consequences can significantly increase if you cause injury or death in the course of your DUI. For example, if another person dies in an accident, you could face charges of vehicular manslaughter. If convicted, you could face up to ten years in NJ state prison and could be fined up to $150,000. As you can see, manslaughter charges arising from a DUI can result in very serious penalties and should be taken extremely seriously.

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It is, of course, always the wisest decision to never drive after drinking to avoid drunk driving deaths or injuries, as well as criminal charges and consequences. In the event that you do face charges of DUI or vehicular manslaughter, your first call should be to the Law Offices of Leon Matchin today. As an experienced NJ criminal defense attorney, Leon Matchin can help limit the consequences you face whenever possible, so please call our office at (833) 732-7320 today.

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