Weird NJ: Top 7 Bizarre Crimes of 2015

Year-end lists are all the rage each late December, and here at The Law Offices of Leon Matchin LLC that’s no exception. Here’s a quick look at some of the top ten strangest criminal charges that allegedly occurred in our great garden state this calendar year.

  1. Black Ice Cover Up for Drunk Drivers
    • Rather than take the fall for driving drunk, two men covered up the scene of the accident by pouring water on the road in an attempt to disguise it as being caused by black ice. They were caught and arrested, and neighbors were furious at the further danger they could have caused.
  2. $1,000 of stolen…empty beer kegs?
    • After making off with $1000 worth of beer kegs from a restaurant they planned to use to supply a lake party, three suspects were intercepted by police. They were surprised to learn that the kegs were all empty. No word on whether they had ever felt the weight of a full keg before.
  3. Bacon Arrested for Fighting Over Sausage
    • It sounds like a bad punchline, but a 19 year old with the last name of ‘Bacon’ was criminally charged in May for assaulting a person who took the last piece of sausage during a 3 am breakfast.
  4. 50 Pounds of Weed Sent to Wrong Address
    • More than fifty pounds of Marijuana showed up at a Hazlet home by accident in October, and police were called to investigate the package. They posted on their Facebook page that the intended recipient is welcome to come forward if they’re looking for the misplaced drugs.
  5. Drunk Driver ‘Looking for New Jersey’ while in Jersey City
    • Asking for directions doesn’t usually get you into trouble with the police…unless you’re three times over the legal limit for DUI, and you ask officers how to get to a state you’re already in. This is what happened to a North Bergen woman driving through Jersey City in December.
  6. Flushed Fake Poker Chips Clog Toilet
    • Not quite a royal flush- when a North Carolina man thought he was under suspicion for using his millions of fake poker chips in Atlantic City, he decided to hide the evidence by flushing it down the toilet. This didn’t go so well, as it caused an immense sewer leak and he was then slammed with additional criminal charges of criminal mischief.
  7. Runaway Poop Vandal
    • One of the top bizarre stories of the year, and it’s still unsolved. A young man is being sought after by police for serially entering local businesses and wiping his excrement around the bathroom walls, floor, and toilet before running away in a white van. That sure stinks.

While some of these stories seem like outlandish criminal charges, it’s the reality that truth is stranger than fiction. If you’re in need of an experienced defense attorney to take on your case, no matter how rare, you’ve come to the right place. Contact me, Leon Matchin, today at (833) 732-7320 for a free consultation on how I can help you beat those criminal charges.

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