If you’ve gotten a New Jersey speeding ticket, you may have a tougher time than you would in most other states. While some might say that New Jersey is notorious for speeding, that doesn’t mean that police officers are overlooking those offenses. Those who live in New Jersey know that it’s surprisingly easy to get a speeding ticket. What many people don’t know is that this state can make things extra difficult for those who get a ticket. So difficult, in fact, that some residents talk to an attorney after getting a ticket.

Quick Point Collection

Like a lot of other states in the US, New Jersey uses a point system for traffic offenses. Certain traffic violations add a specific number of points to a person’s driver’s license. If a person reaches 12 or more points, that person loses driving privileges for a year. In New Jersey, driving at 15 mph over the speed limit results in 4 points. Drivers who speed habitually can easily accumulate points and lose their licenses.

Speed Traps

Speed traps are places where hidden police officers look for speeders. Sometimes, these areas involve an abrupt reduction in the speed limit. New Jersey has a lot of these places. In fact, it has more speed traps than almost any other state in the country. Sometimes an attorney will use the presence of a speed trap to argue against a New Jersey speeding ticket, but a speed trap shouldn’t be the only part of your defense. Still, the sheer number of speed traps makes it difficult for New Jersey drivers to avoid speeding tickets.

Double Fines

Not only do you have a better chance of getting a speeding ticket in New Jersey, but you also have a pretty good chance of getting a very steep fine. Thanks to certain laws meant to curb racing, anybody who reaches certain speeds in a 65mph zone may face doubled fines. Since speeding tickets can reach $260.00 on their own, the doubled fine can cause extra financial hardships.

New Jersey Speeding Ticket

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