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Woman Takes Distracted Driving to a New Extreme

Too many people make a split-second decision to read or respond to a text message and end up facing a traffic ticket from New Jersey police. In addition, if you collide with another vehicle because you quickly looked away from the road, you may end up with a ticket for careless driving. While distracted driving is common on New Jersey roads, one woman made the news recently for an extreme act of distracted driving that may have constituted a more serious violation of reckless driving.

A couple pulled up alongside a woman who was driving and took a video because they were so shocked by her behavior. The video, which was shown on the news, showed the woman using both hands to type on her smartphone with her eyes focused on the phone, as well. The woman was driving at high speeds and using her foot to steer the car while she texted. While the video resulted in outrage for the danger presented by such extreme distracted driving, no known violations were issued because police did not actually catch the driver in the act.

Reckless Driving in NJ

If a New Jersey law enforcement officer sees you texting and driving, they may issue a ticket for distracted or careless driving. However, if an officer saw you driving at high speeds, firmly looking away from the road, and using only your foot to steer for a period of time, they may instead issue the more serious citation for the offense of reckless driving.

Careless driving means that the officer did not believe you were using due caution behind the wheel but not that you actually intended to cause any harm. On the other hand, reckless driving means that you had the conscious disregard for the safety of other on the road. The penalties for reckless driving in NJ can be serious and can include the following:

  • Fines up to $200 (up to $500 for subsequent offenses)
  • Up to 60 days in jail (up to three months for subsequent offenses)
  • Five points on your NJ driving record (careless driving only adds two points)

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