Celebrity Car Used in Shooting – Could this Happen to You?

Imagine the police showing up at your door and telling you that your car was used in a crime. Your first fear will likely be that you may be somehow associated with the criminal act or that you may be suspected of being involved. This recently happened to one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and her son.

Kim DePaola owned a car that was found burning with two bodies inside earlier this year. Law enforcement reported that the victims had been shot prior to the fire. DePaola stated that her son used that vehicle but was out of town and had instead allowed a friend to use the vehicle. There was no additional information provided regarding the identity of the victims or the identity or location of the individual who was borrowing the car.

The truth is that anyone can have their car stolen and used in a crime. After the crime, the vehicle will automatically link you to the incident due to registration. In many cases, police may believe that you were not involved and that the car was stolen. However, some people in this situation can find themselves under suspicion by police.

Even if you have an alibi and can prove you were not at the scene of the crime, you can still face criminal charges if authorities believe that you aided the offender in the commission of the crime, such as by loaning them a car. In New Jersey, if there is evidence that you assisted in a crime – even if you did not participate in the actual offense – you can face criminal liability as an accomplice.

Being an accomplice requires that you aided the offender with the intention that the crime be carried out. There are many ways to protect against such allegations with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands New Jersey law.

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