criminal defense lawyers

When you are charged with a criminal offense, having someone on your side is imperative to help lessen or avoid harsh penalties. By working with experienced cds lawyers in New Jersey, you can get a better understanding of your case and ways to fight it. Having an attorney to fight for you in court and guide you through the legal process can make any criminal charge seem less intimidating. If you don’t have a criminal defense lawyer, you are more likely to suffer harsher punishments and have your rights infringed upon.


Any legal case requires a certain level of understanding before attending court. Having a criminal defense lawyer allows you to have the full knowledge of your case required. While the police and legal investigators are looking for evidence against you, your defense attorney will look for signs that could help you lessen your charges or even have them dismissed. A defense attorney will examine the scene of the crime, witness testimony, and physical evidence to find inconsistencies or discrepancies that could help defend your case. Having someone investigating the case for you rather than against you can be extremely beneficial during court proceedings.

Illegal Evidence

Even if you are formally charged with a criminal offense, you still have rights as a citizen. During the arrest process or evidence gathering, police officers are required to follow the laws and uphold your constitutional rights. If your rights were violated or laws were broken during the process, that evidence against you was obtained unlawfully. Cds lawyers in New Jersey can find proof of unconstitutional activity and file a formal written request to have these pieces of evidence thrown out. Illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in a court of law, and having it suppressed can help support your case and lessen your charges.

Protecting Your Rights

Criminal charges and legal proceedings surrounding them can get complicated. However, until you are officially convicted of a crime, all of your rights as a citizen are still intact. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of their rights. It’s easy for police officials, prosecutors, and even judges to take advantage of that. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side means that your rights are going to be protected. They’ll go over your rights with you and listen when you say your rights have been violated. Then they’ll take the actions necessary to rectify the situation and protect you moving forward.

Building a Defense

There are a lot of ways criminal charges can be dropped or the penalties lessened. Working with a cds lawyer in New Jersey helps you understand your points of defense. Some examples of criminal defenses include:

Acting in Self-Defense – If someone faces assault charges, it’s possible that they only took said action to defend themselves from potential harm. Proving the existence of danger in a situation can help lessen the charges or have the case dismissed.

Unreliable Witnesses – If someone is charged with breaking and entering because they were seen on the property, they could build a strong defense depending on who saw them on the property. For example, a drunk person across the street is not likely to provide reliable or accurate testimony in court.

Not Beyond Reasonable Doubt – When making a case against a defendant, the prosecution has to prove that they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If your case lacks sufficient evidence, your charges could be dropped or lessened.

Trial Representation

Trials can be complex and confusing, especially when it comes to criminal charges. You need a strong working knowledge of criminal law to defend yourself properly in court. If you don’t have that knowledge, you need a criminal defense attorney. Having an attorney on your side helps you navigate the court process and respond to any evidence or testimony used against you. By working with a criminal defense lawyer you know and trust, you can navigate your trial with relative ease.

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Making Decisions

There will often come a time or two during your case when you’ll have a big decision to make. For example, you may be asked to give an official testimony during court. Or you may be offered a plea bargain from the prosecution. Making these kinds of decisions should not be done lightly. A criminal defense attorney will be able to examine the situation and understand what’s being asked of you and why. While the ultimate decision is yours alone, your lawyer will help guide you and offer suggestions on what to do in these cases.


While you’re going through the legal process, your loved ones are likely to be suffering as well. It’s not easy to have a friend or family member face criminal offense charges. And it’s especially not easy when there’s little to no communication available. Cds lawyers in New Jersey can help you stay in contact with your family and keep them updated on your case and the important dates of hearings and trials.

Get Help from Defense Lawyers in New Jersey

Everyone deserves the right to an attorney, and you deserve an attorney who’s going to fight hard for your case. As one of the leading defense lawyers in New Jersey, Attorney Leon Matchin has helped his clients defend their cases. He helps them protect their constitutional rights. A criminal charge doesn’t have to lead to a conviction, and the penalties suggested don’t have to be applied. Call Attorney Matchin today at 732-887-2479, or email him at [email protected] for help defending your rights during a criminal trial.