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How to Get Your Record Expunged with an Expungement Attorney

Unfortunately, criminal records do not automatically disappear over time. As a result, these records make it difficult for an individual to get a job or rent an apartment. This difficulty is also due to increased use of background checks when applying for nearly anything. A criminal record doesn’t have to mean the end for you. Thankfully, it is possible to have your records expunged with the help of an expungement attorney.

What Is Record Expungement?

When you have your records expunged, any criminal history disappears. In turn, the public no longer has access to your records. Moreover, if someone asks if you have any criminal charges, you are free to answer “no.”


If you receive a pardon, this means that the courts have forgiven your crime. Even though they have forgiven your crime, your criminal record still exists. However, pardons also show up on your criminal history. Keep in mind that only governors can give a pardon for a State crime, while the President can give a pardon for a Federal crime.


When it comes to expungement eligibility, every state has its own requirements; although, several basic factors influence the decision. For example, courts will take your age at the time of conviction into consideration when making a decision. Your eligibility for expungement also depends on the type of criminal conviction you received. For instance, courts are more likely to expunge misdemeanors and first offenses. Additionally, it may be difficult to get your records expunged if you have several convictions on your record.

How to Have Your Records Expunged

The process of expunging your records will depend on the requirements of your state. However, it is usually best if you hire an expungement attorney. An expungement attorney can help you to determine if your case is eligible for expungement.

You may have to complete an application in order to qualify for eligibility. Along with the application, the courts may also require you to provide copies of your criminal records and other court documents. Other requirements include a petition in conjunction with the completed necessary paperwork. It is your responsibility to pay all filing fees as well.

These requirements are a lot to remember. Therefore, if you want to win your case, it would help to have the representation of an experienced expungement attorney. They will be able to help you throughout the entire legal process.

Having your records expunged is a long and complicated process. One recommendation is to hire an experienced expungement attorney. They can help you win your case and increase the chances of expungement. You can learn more about getting your records expunged by contacting Leon Matchin at or calling (833) 732-7320.

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