Traffic Violations

Improper Passing of a School Bus

The Law Offices of Leon Matchin, LLC has been practicing traffic defense; including charges of improper passing of a school bus, in Central New Jersey for more than ten years. Under New Jersey statute NJSA 39:4-128.1, it is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus. The violation is described as follows-

On highways having roadways not divided by safety islands or physical traffic separation installations, the driver of a vehicle approaching or overtaking a bus, which is being used solely for the transportation of children to or from school or a summer day camp or any school connected activity and which has stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging any child, shall stop their vehicle not less than 25 feet from the school bus and keep their vehicle stationary until the children have entered said bus or has alighted and reached the side of the highway and until a flashing red light is no longer exhibited by the bus; provided, the bus is designated as a school bus by one sign on the front and one sign on the rear, with each letter on the signs being at least four inches in height.

If you have been charged with improperly passing a school bus you should seek legal advice immediately. The Law Offices of Leon Matchin, LLC may be able to help you avoid the harsh penalties associated with this serious traffic violation.

Penalties for Improper Passing in New Jersey

Penalties incurred for improperly passing a school bus are:

  • A fine of not less than $100
  • Incarceration for not more than 15 days or 15 days of community service
  • 5 MVC points (12 or more points results in suspension of your driver’s license)
  • 5 Insurance points (resulting in increased insurance premiums)

If retained the Law Offices of Leon Matchin, LLC will look to downgrade the charges against you to a “no-point” violation such as unsafe driving if a dismissal is not a viable option. Call today for a free consultation and discuss the options available to you (833) 732-7320.

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