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Has your New Jersey driver’s license been suspended, but now you live out of state? Are you ready to drive in your new state or get an in-state license? Maybe you can’t because your license was suspended in New Jersey? Leon Matchin, a New Jersey attorney, has helped numerous drivers throughout the United States regain their driving privileges after having their license suspended by the New Jersey Secretary of State. Read on to learn more about license suspension, penalties for driving with a suspended license, and how Leon can help you get yours reinstated.

Why Do Driver’s Licenses Get Suspended?

Driver’s licenses can get suspended for a variety of reasons. The first reason is if the driver has accumulated 12 or more points on their current driver’s record. What exactly are points and how do you get them? In the state of New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) administers points based on moving violations. Here is some important information to know about points:

  • 2-5 points are given for nearly every moving violation
  • Once you hit 6 points, you will receive surcharges which are monetary amounts that you must pay
  • At 12 points the driver will receive a notice about license suspension
  • The amount of points received depends on the severity of the violation. For example, driving 15-20 MPH over the speed limit is assigned 4 points while causing an accident resulting in personal injury results in 8 points.

Another way drivers can get their license suspended is if they are driving under the influence. This can be drugs and/or alcohol. Lastly, drivers can get their license suspended for reckless driving. This includes things like excessive speeding, swerving in and out of lanes, or driving on the wrong side of a road. Reckless driving is when the driver has a total disregard for the safety of others. Getting your license suspended due to any of these reasons is extremely frustrating, especially if you have moved out of state and are ready to have your license cleared. Fortunately, a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin can help.

What Happens if I Drive Without a License or with a Suspended License?

While the consequences can differ in every state, one thing is for sure. Driving with a suspended license or without a license is illegal. Whatever state you are in, you will have to face penalties. Don’t drive without a license or with a suspended license! That will only make matters worse. In addition, it will make it more difficult to get your license reinstated in a timely fashion. Here are the penalties drivers face in New Jersey when they drive unlicensed or with a suspended license:


If your license was suspended at one point and then you let it expire, you fall under the category of driving unlicensed, but having held a license at one time. The penalty for this charge is up to 60 days in jail, a 6-month driver’s license suspension when you are ready to obtain your new one, fines up to $500, and a surcharge of $100 per year for 3 years. The consequences are steeper if the driver is found to never have had a license. In this case, the driver will face up to a $200 fine and won’t be allowed to apply for a license for 6 months.


If you are driving on a suspended license, whether it is in or out of state, there are penalties. If it is a first offense, the driver will be charged a $500 fine and lose their license for 6 months. A second offense leads to the driver being charged a $750 fine, going to jail for 1-5 days, and losing their license for a year. If it is a third offense, the driver will spend up to 10 days in jail, receive a $1,000 fine, and will lose their license for a year.

If the license was suspended and the driver was involved in an accident where personal injuries occurred, the consequence is 45 days of jail time. Also, if the original suspension of the license was due to a DUI, the driver will spend an additional 10 days in jail. As mentioned above, these are the consequences in New Jersey. While penalties differ in every state, it is always illegal to drive with a suspended license. This is why you need an attorney to help you out. Therefore, you can get back to driving in no time. 

Reinstating an Out of State Driver’s License with New Jersey Attorney

Leon Matchin has worked with many clients over the years to clear their New Jersey license suspension. While it can be a challenge to do on your own, an attorney can often successfully get your license reinstated. First, he will look through your case. He will gather any and all evidence about why the license was suspended in the first place. Then, Leon will work on building a defense so that your license can be reinstated.

For example, if your license was suspended due to a DUI, Leon can bring up how you have been attending AA meetings and treatment classes for 6 months. In addition, he can bargain to get an interlock device placed in the car if suspension can be ended early. An interlock device is a breathalyzer that the driver must take each time they get in the car. The car won’t start if alcohol is detected. Another possible solution could be getting points knocked off the driver’s record. This puts them back in that surcharge paying range without having a suspended license. After your initial consultation with Leon, he will begin to put together your case. Then, you can successfully get your driver’s license reinstated with a New Jersey attorney.

A New Jersey Attorney

Picture this. You have a new job, a new home, and are ready for a new adventure in a different state. The one thing holding you back is a suspended driver’s license in the state of New Jersey. This means you won’t be able to drive in your new state or be issued an in-state license from your new state. With the National Registry of Driving Records, each state has access to license suspensions whether they occurred in their state or not.

A driver’s license suspension can be a life-altering consequence. Drivers find themselves unable to get to work, pick up kids, drive to the grocery store or to doctor’s appointments, etc. In New Jersey, a driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons. If your driver’s license has been suspended, it can feel like a never-ending battle to try and get it reinstated. Don’t feel like you have to fight this battle alone. Call a New Jersey attorney for help. An experienced lawyer like Leon Matchin has helped many drivers get their licenses back after suspension. 

Reasons Why Licenses Might be Suspended 

There are many reasons why a driver could have their license suspended in New Jersey. Interestingly enough, some of these scenarios don’t even involve driving! Whatever the reason, license suspension is highly disruptive to day-to-day life.

Uninsured Motorist: Did you know that driving without automobile insurance is grounds for having your license suspended? To avoid this penalty, make sure you purchase an insurance policy for all vehicles you drive and keep track of when payments are due so that you don’t miss them. 

Twelve or More Driving Points: Certain driving violations lead to points on your permanent driving record. Not only do points increase your insurance policy, but if you receive twelve or more, your license will be suspended. Points are given for scenarios like reckless driving, speeding, and failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light. Drivers can work to get points reduced through driver improvement courses and will automatically get points deducted each year they go without an additional violation. 

Failing to Appear in Municipal Court: Have a court date in Municipal Court? Better put it on your calendar, because failing to appear in Municipal Court is grounds for license suspension. 

Unpaid Parking Ticket: Leaving a parking ticket unpaid can have serious consequences, as in a suspended license! Make sure you do not forget to pay for your parking ticket. Pay it right away, or make a note on your calendar of the due date. If you wish to contest your ticket, figure out the process before it’s too late and your ticket is due!

Unpaid Child Support: Another non-driving incident that can lead to license suspension! If you are six months or more late on child support payments, your license will be suspended, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. 

Driving with a Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license leads to further consequences. If you are pulled over with a suspended license, you will face fines and potential jail time. In addition, the length of time your license is suspended will be extended. 

Getting Your License Back with the Help of a New Jersey Attorney

If your license has been suspended, a New Jersey attorney may be able to help you get back your license sooner. An experienced attorney like Leon Matchin can look through the situation surrounding the license suspension and create a defense to help you get your license back sooner. For example, maybe you got a new car and were under the impression you were insured, and your insurance company failed to adequately communicate to you about your policy. This defense can be used in court to help get back the license of someone accused of driving without insurance. It’s critical to be fully transparent and honest with your attorney about the details surrounding your license suspension. Having all the details will help them create a more solid defense.  

License suspension can be detrimental to your career and relationships. Fighting a license suspension all on your own is overwhelming and often not very effective. Hire an attorney as soon as possible to get the process started and attempt to have your license reinstated. Whether your license has been suspended after a DUI or because you were driving uninsured, a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin can help.  

Fortunately, Leon Matchin, a New Jersey attorney, can help you get your driver’s license reinstated in New Jersey. Then, you can move on and get a license in your new state. If you or a family member have a suspended New Jersey driver’s license that you want to get reinstated ASAP, call Leon Matchin today at (833) 732-7320, or contact him via email at He will set up an initial consultation to learn more about you and your case.

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