New Jersey attorney consultation

Attorney consultation in New Jersey should be a priority if you’ve been charged with workplace theft. Under state law, you could be facing more than 6 months of incarceration if convicted, which is enough time to completely derail any life plans. In fact, being convicted of workplace theft can seriously hinder your chances of getting another job in the future. Chances are you’ll have already lost your current job, because what employer is going to keep you if you’re found guilty?

This is an immediate-loss scenario, one of financial support for you and your family. An alleged theft often needs a clear and decisive dismissal for the defendant to move on. In workplace theft cases, even the lesser non-indictable criminal charge can result in less than 6 months of incarceration. Even this is enough time to damage your reputation and family relationships.

What can attorney consultation offer you? For starters, there might be a chance that an attorney like Leon Matchin can have your charges lessened or dropped altogether. Given the above consequences, you might already understand why consulting with an expert should be the first thing you do. After all, the outcome of a theft charge can depend on variables and specific case details.

Indictable vs. Non-indictable Attorney Consultation

Indictable offenses are crimes of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th degree, while non-indictable offenses are filed under petty disorderly persons offenses. Basically, this means that indictable charges are handled in the Superior Court where the alleged offense happened. For non-indictable charges, those are dealt with in the Municipal Court within the City, Township, or Borough where the alleged offense took place. With minute differences between the two, you’ll want to completely understand which Court you’ll be visiting before your date arrives.

One important detail is that for an indictable offense, the defendant is entitled to a trial by jury, but only after the case is submitted to a grand jury. This could result in a refusal to indict if they all agree in your favor. Still, you can’t take any of these outcomes for granted, nor should you. Attorney consultation can ensure that you know where your verdict is heading.

Consider an attorney consultation with New Jersey Court-certified Leon Matchin. You want an expert on your side should the case reach a grand jury. Jury members can be very unpredictable, so it’s recommended that you fully prepare. Trying to do this with internet research on your own isn’t recommended.

Any aspect of the accusations can make or break your case. Whether indictable or non-indictable, attorney Matchin can clear up any confusion you might have when it comes to Superior versus Municipal cases. As a defendant, you have the right to hire the best. Visit our website for helpful video blogs and advice from Leon Matchin.

New Jersey attorney consultation

First-Time Offenders and Otherwise

If you are a first-time offender, or just someone unaccustomed to the New Jersey legal system, then you’ll want attorney consultation. First of all, you can’t go into a problem like this without having a clear overview of what’s at stake. Never go into a courtroom without first assessing what might occur or how it can lead to a conviction. Quality legal representation can make a plea that the alleged theft was a misunderstanding, or a single slip-up on an otherwise clean record.

On the other end of the spectrum, if this isn’t your first brush with legal problems, then you should also seek attorney consultation. An alleged theft by a repeat offender complicates matters—such cases might involve little sympathy or leniency from a judge if you have past legal issues. Sometimes penalties are discretionary, so it’s worth trying to dismiss or downgrade your charges.

Ultimately, stealing from a workplace can build into a situation that’s hard to overcome. Angry or disappointed co-workers can add to the stress of the situation. These issues are just on a personal level, with the professional side having its own negatives. A New Jersey court of law—or at least a jury—might consider you guilty just because of past mistakes. An attorney consultation can help you look for ways to show that you are either innocent or remorseful for your actions.

Leon Matchin is a Supreme Court-certified Municipal Court trial attorney. With a professional attorney consultation, you stand a better chance of lessening life and financial blows. Anyone accused of workplace theft needs to work fast—know what goes into your case and how the State of New Jersey can penalize you if you lose your case.

Attorney Consultation with Leon Matchin

Even if the deck is stacked against you, a dismissal can still happen. For instance, a dismissal plea might stick if witnesses to the theft do not appear in court or there’s a lack of evidence to support the theft charges. Another scenario is that your attorney can have you enrolled in a community program for first-time offenders, as opposed to serving a hard sentence. A willingness to participate can help show remorse.

What about the numbers? Theft laws often depend on the price range of the stolen item or items. Thefts valued at below $200 can have fewer consequences than a loss valued at over $500. The higher the cost is, the harsher the penalties can be, especially if the loss was expensive enough to move your case into felony territory. This is the worst-case scenario, but it can happen if the judge deems it so.

Be realistic—you can’t be expected to devise a strategy without professional legal help. Trying for a dismissal isn’t just important for the present—if this succeeds, then your public record will benefit as well. After all, you want to ensure that any future legal troubles won’t have this case to pull from. A clean record will keep those chances low, as they should be.  

Attorney Leon Matchin has experience with workplace theft cases, shoplifting, and other accusations. As a client, you have a much greater chance of avoiding jail time and negative record marks. Don’t give in just because your case seems hopeless. Email or call now Leon at (732) 887-2479 and discover how to avoid the worst outcome with Leon Matchin.