New Jersey attorney jail bars

In the state of New Jersey, attorney services are recommended if you are charged with a DUI. Keep in mind that this legal scenario is complicated, with several factors that are easy to misunderstand. Going at it alone would be a mistake. Legal representation can help get charges dismissed or downgraded.

Here are some details you need to know about New Jersey law. For DUI charges—depending on whether this was a first or second offense—penalties can include:

  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Sobriety counseling
  • Court fines and surcharges
  • Interlock devices for vehicles
  • Jail time

Understand What is at Stake

Don’t trick yourself into believing these penalties won’t apply to you. First of all, each one of these strikes is a complicated, multi-layered ordeal. Jail time is obviously bad, but the other penalties can also cause you to lose your job, reputation, and bank account.

For example, court fines can stack up if the circumstances of your arrest are overly negative. Defendants will have their license suspended, sometimes for more than one year. Your insurance rates will change, as you are required to inform your provider of your arrest.

That’s not all you stand to lose. Besides being mandatory, alcohol counseling is also financially costly and takes weeks to complete. An interlock device might be required for your vehicles. These devices lock your ignition until you breathe into a tube. An alert will sound while driving that forces you to blow again, which is embarrassing, to say the least.

On top of that, you must pay a mechanic to collect the data at least once a month. And these are just a few of the costs that people don’t see coming. So how can you get charges dismissed or downgraded?

New Jersey Attorney Assistance: A Willingness to Change

For first-time offenders, you can show your willingness to improve by having an interlock device installed in your vehicle. Once you do this, a New Jersey attorney can use documentation of this to help your case.

A New Jersey attorney might convince the judge that requesting the interlock device proves that you regret your actions. In turn, this might convince them to go easy on you during your sentencing. However, keep in mind that representing yourself in court with these documents might not lead to the outcome you want. You need representation that knows the judge and the system.

Attorney Leon Matchin can use your proof of acceptance to plead your case. His professionalism alone gives you a better standing in a New Jersey Court of Law. After all, the judge might not be convinced by your word alone. Let attorney Matchin do the talking for you.

Attend Every Counseling Session

Taking responsibility for your actions can go a long way with a judge. If you have a good track record, a New Jersey attorney can recommend to the judge that your sentence be lenient. After all, you attended each session of counseling and took it seriously.

Now, this strategy can differ, depending on the case. Clearly, if you are a second-time offender then the judge might need more convincing. After all, you already slipped up. In such instances, New Jersey attorney Leon Matchin can help you navigate a DUI case. He’ll ensure that you understand the realistic expectations of what can happen, along with the best steps to take.

Leon Matchin is a Supreme Court-certified Municipal Court trial attorney. Avoid the costly surprise of a conviction by getting professional counsel ASAP. As a defendant, you have the right to hire the best—don’t consider taking on this stress alone. Visit our website for more information on legal representation and New Jersey Law.

New Jersey Attorney: No Public Defenders

For a DUI defense, relying on an assigned public defender can only decrease the chances of a good outcome. They might not have you listed as a priority, and this process is certainly more impersonal. A public defender might underestimate a prosecutor’s desire to teach you a lesson. After all, a DUI charge is no joke. You want quality representation in a court of law.

A non-judgmental New Jersey attorney is crucial to having your charges dismissed or downgraded. DUI cases happen on a regular basis, so the chances of making yours stick out are pretty slim without representation that cares. Having a quality New Jersey attorney sufficiently look over your case can lead to dismissal possibilities.

For instance, perhaps the arresting officer waited to test your breath for alcohol? A good defender will latch on to a detail like this and use it to your advantage. If the judge learns that there were complications with the arrest, then they might be more lenient. Besides, a defense strategy can go several different ways, but good planning can lead to positive results.

Upgrade with Leon Matchin for a Penalty Downgrade

You want a knowledgeable attorney to help prove to the court that you understand the severity of a DUI charge. Without a New Jersey attorney, the multi-layered penalties can blindside you and derail every aspect of your life: family relationships, public reputation, and future plans.

This bears repeating: never assume that a judge will go easy on you if this is your first offense. Even more so if you are a repeat offender—don’t miss the chance to come out of this in a more stable place.

Attorney Leon Matchin spent years learning about New Jersey attorney success methods. He is his own boss. This means that he takes every client seriously, with special attention to opportunities for a strong defense. He has long-term experience with traffic and DUI cases. As a result, these past cases give him an edge over the charges you’re facing.

Don’t give in just because your case seems hopeless. Call now at (833) 732-7320 and discover how to avoid the worst outcome with New Jersey attorney Leon Matchin.