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Not having a license can be very difficult. Not only are you unable to drive yourself anywhere, but you don’t even have a valid form of ID. Licenses are suspended for many reasons. If you need help reinstating a suspended license, it is time to call a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin. He has helped reinstate many clients’ licenses. Here’s why licenses are suspended and how an attorney can help.

Reasons For License Suspension

There are several reasons for license suspension. The first reason is accumulating 12 or more points on your driving record. Points can be due to speeding, running a red light, and at-fault accidents. A license can be immediately suspended if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another reason licenses can be suspended is from reckless driving. This would include situations where there is excessive speeding.

How a New Jersey Attorney Can Help

Once a license is suspended, it’s suspended for a certain amount of time, and there are associated fees that you will have to pay. In addition, driving with your suspended license means jail time, higher fees, and a longer suspension period. After the suspension period is over, there may also be a one-year probationary period. The process of suspension and license reinstatement is a long one. Often people struggle when they try to get through the process on their own.

This is where an attorney is helpful. A New Jersey attorney, like Leon Matchin, can walk you through the steps to getting your license reinstated. He will explain the penalties associated with the suspension and guide you once the suspension period is over. In addition to helping you through the process, an attorney can also fight to get the suspension period reduced. An attorney will closely analyze your case and look for any loopholes.

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Licenses are suspended for many different reasons. A license suspension makes life very difficult and comes with associated fines as well. In addition, if one attempts to drive on their suspended license, they can face jail time. Leon Matchin, your local New Jersey attorney, has years of experience working to help get driver’s licenses reinstated. Call Leon Matchin at 732-887-2479 or contact him via email at [email protected] for more information about the services he can provide.