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Everything You Need To Know About How To Act in the Courtroom

Going to court can be a very stressful experience. This is especially true if you have never been before. It is important to understand that how you behave in court can affect the outcome of the case. From the minute you walk into the courthouse to when you leave, you should be on your best behavior. You may have no idea how you should be acting in the courtroom and that’s ok! Leon Matchin, a very experienced New Jersey attorney, can walk you through the whole process. Not only will he build up a strong case and defend you in court, but he will teach you best practices and strategies when it comes to courtroom behavior. Read on to learn more about how to act in the courtroom.

Your New Jersey Attorney Will Tell You To Arrive Early

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The first step is to arrive early. This is crucial! Arriving late will make you look bad and is not the way you want to start off your trial. When you get to the courthouse, you will have to check in and go through security. This will take some time, so be sure to account for extra time when you arrived to get settled. In addition, give yourself a large buffer of time to get to the court house. You never know when there will be an accident or traffic jam on the road. It can even be a good idea to practice driving to the courthouse just so you know the perfect route to take and about how long the drive will be. Start off by making a good impression and arriving early.

Your New Jersey Attorney Will Advise You To Dress in Professional Attire

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Whether you are innocent or guilty, the judge and jury will take into account what you are wearing. Professional attire is a must. Showing up to court in casual, old, baggy clothes makes a very poor impression. You want to appear as if this case is very important to you and that you are taking it seriously. Make sure your hair is neatly trimmed. Do not use your court trial as the time to try a crazy new hairstyle. In addition to looking professional, avoid chewing gum or chewing tobacco in court. These two things will take away from your professional appearance.  Taking the time to look professional and nice can go a long way. 

Be Polite and Respectful  

While you are at the courthouse, it is important to be polite and respectful to every person you come in contact with. From the security guard at the front of the building to the judge, every single person needs to be respected. Once the trial begins, a good rule of thumb is to only speak if you are spoken to. This means you should not be interjecting and shouting out your thoughts. It is also very important to be respectful to the judge. Always address them by saying “Your Honor.” In addition, stand up when you are speaking to the judge. How you address the people in the courtroom definitely has an effect on your trial. If you are being rude and impolite, chances are you will not win. 

Silence Your Phone 

Most courthouses will require you to put your phone in a locker prior to going inside the courtroom. If not, it is crucial that you silence your phone, or better yet, completely turn it off. Having your phone ringing or buzzing during the trial is unprofessional. 

Answer Questions Clearly and Do Not Interrupt

As mentioned above, typically in court you don’t speak until you are spoken to. When you are asked a question, answer with clarity and answer it truthfully. Do not lie when you are answering questions in court. Be confident in your words and try not to stumble over what you are saying. Take a few seconds to think and collect your thoughts before answering as this reduces the likelihood that you will stumble over your words. A New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin can help you prepare for your case so that you know exactly what to say. Thanks to his many years of experience, he knows a lot of the standard questions that will be asked. He will help you to prepare and rehearse answers so that you are fully confident going into the case. It is also very important that you do not interrupt. Even if you hear things that make you angry, you must keep quiet until it is your turn to speak. Do not raise your voice for any reason and be sure not to use any derogatory statements. Staying calm, cool, and collected will help your case.

Body Language 

Last but not least, it is crucial to control your body language. Even if you are angry and boiling up on the inside, you must maintain that calm and cool presence. If you disagree with a statement that is made, do not roll your eyes or make hand motions. Try to sit up tall and keep your hands in your lap. Remember, the judge and jury will be watching you, so keep your body language calm and positive. Positive body language strategies are something you and your attorney can work on prior to the trial.

Contact New Jersey Attorney Leon Matchin For Help

How you behave in court is extremely important to the outcome to your trial. Fortunately, a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin has many tips and strategies to help you look and act your best at your trial. This starts with arriving early and continues throughout the trial by having a professional, calm, and respectful demeanor. Before heading to court, your attorney can give you tips about what to wear to display a sense of professionalism. He will also help you by sharing with you common questions asked in the courtroom and helping you prepare and rehearse answers to those questions. For more information about how a lawyer can help defend your case and prepare you for trial, call Leon Matchin today at (833) 732-7320, or contact him via email at

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