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An automobile personal Injury case involves several key factors. Depending on the extent of the injuries, an individual can face harsh penalties if they don’t approach the judge with a strategy. In New Jersey, laws exist to both punish and reward individuals depending on their involvement. These key factors might be more important to you if you’re in the “punishable” category because the results are more unpredictable. 

You’ll want to understand each factor when facing charges from a personal injury. As a New Jersey citizen, a smart way to prepare for legal issues is to know what to expect. Basically, plan ahead. One way to do this is consulting with an attorney, which makes this stressful process much easier to deal with.

Personal Injury: A Common Case

Personal injury cases are heard daily in New Jersey courthouses. An experienced New Jersey attorney understands this and knows how to defend clients involved with automobile personal injury claims. Settling such a case before trial is a good possibility with the right legal representation by your side. However, just because this is a common case doesn’t mean you should underestimate the chances of a negative outcome.

New Jersey attorney Leon Matchin has helped past clients overcome personal injury charges before a trial was needed. If anything, the “common” factor only ensures that Matchin will pay close attention to your case. For instance, the court might need to be convinced that your case is different from others who were prosecuted.

Details like this are what makes Leon Matchin the best choice to help you move past a painful personal injury event without losing everything. Besides, the longer a legal case goes on, the more money you spend trying to survive it. You need to act ASAP. Don’t waste your time trying to navigate the system alone—ask for Leon Matchin’s legal counsel.

Living in A “No Fault” State

How does auto insurance factor into personal injury cases and what does it have to do with your attorney? State differences might be a key to your defense. New Jersey is a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or “no fault” state, which means your auto insurance provider pays for your own medical bills, no matter which individual is at fault.

How does “no fault” influence your case? Essentially, the injured party’s automobile insurance must pay for their client’s medical bills, but a prosecutor can still sue for damages caused by the accident. However, just because pain and suffering isn’t always a concern in a personal injury case doesn’t mean that damages alone won’t bring harsh penalties. It’s best to play it safe and ask for professional assistance. 

Attorney Leon Matchin is certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey as a Municipal Court Trial attorney. He’ll work to downgrade or dismiss your charges if there isn’t enough evidence on the prosecutor’s side of the table. A thorough attorney will ensure that the “No Fault” rule protects you. In addition, a law office can evaluate each damage claim and look for ways to put you in good standing with the court. 

Attorney Leon Matchin knows New Jersey. Get experience on your side before you do anything else.

personal injury

New Jersey Attorney Lawsuit Limitations

There are built-in lawsuit limitations for many legal scenarios. For example, though there are exceptions, an injured driver cannot assert a personal injury claim unless a doctor confirms their injuries as untreatable. This is due to New Jersey’s “lawsuit limitation” rule. What this means for your defense is that prosecutors will have to either work around this or build up damages in other areas. Make no mistake: there are multiple avenues to make you pay if one doesn’t work out. Because of this, you can’t afford to proceed without an outline or blueprint. 

The Law Offices of Leon Matchin, LLC are the no-limits solution to your charges. Matchin will ensure that prosecutor tricks won’t derail or drain your finances. He’ll work to dismiss inadequate personal injury claims using lack of evidence or newly uncovered details.

Teaming with Matchin means you’ll have years of experience on your side—someone who knows the courts, judges, and the way they operate. You should only be satisfied with a defense that covers all the bases. 

Facing the Judge with A New Jersey Attorney 

Going to court can be a nerve-wracking experience, even if this isn’t your first offense. A visit to the Municipal Court can be an unpredictable place. Being a defendant only makes an outcome harder to guess. For instance, if you are found guilty, a judge can assign fines, license suspensions or loss of points, and jail time. No, you are not required to have an attorney present in New Jersey. Should you?

All signs point to Yes. Going into a Personal Injury case alone could result in the case going to trial. Or the prosecutor might introduce a new charge or damning evidence that you were unaware of. When we say “unpredictable,” we mean it. There’s a reason why there are so many TV dramas based in the courtroom.

Find legal relief in New Jersey with attorney Leon Matchin. He’s built a reputation of helping clients to their best case outcomes. Each case is a priority, which means you are as well. 

Personal Injury Solutions

Plan ahead. If you’re still unsure about how attorney Leon Matchin can help, reach out for an overview of what you might need. A complicated personal injury case can seem momentous without a pair of professional eyes. Don’t make the wrong choice when so much is on the line.  

Leon Matchin is your personal injury legal solution: a certified, knowledgeable attorney who cares about the details, no matter how small they might seem. He’ll explain the key factors of your situation and devise the best way to go into the courthouse with an advantage. Call today to discuss your personal injury case at (833) 732-7320.