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In New Jersey, getting caught with drug paraphernalia is considered a disorderly persons offense. The consequences are not as extreme as actually being caught with drugs, but they are still significant. Drug paraphernalia includes items associated with drug use such as bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and syringes. If you are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, you should contact a New Jersey drug attorney to defend you in court. Leon Matchin is very experienced in this area and can build a defense and hopefully minimize the charges. Here are four consequences that could happen if you’re caught with drug paraphernalia.

High Fine

A possession with drug paraphernalia charge comes with a hefty price. The fine is up to $1,000. This high fine can cause great financial stress for the offender.

Jail Time

Another consequence is that an offender could receive up to six months of jail time. Jail time leads to job loss, stress on the family, loss of friends, and many other negative consequences. 

Driver’s License Suspension

In addition to the fine and jail time, possession of drug paraphernalia can lead to a driver’s license suspension. The suspension can be anywhere from six months to two years. Even after the jail time is complete, it can be extremely hard to return to normal life without a valid driver’s license. 

Permanent Record

After paying the fine, doing jail time, and making it through the driver’s license suspension, the process is not over. A charge of possession with drug paraphernalia will stay on your permanent record. This can make it difficult to get a job, since future employers check criminal records and may not want to hire someone who has a drug paraphernalia charge on their record. Depending on the circumstances, your New Jersey drug attorney may be able to help keep your record clean.

Contact New Jersey Drug Attorney Leon Matchin

As noted above, getting caught with drug paraphernalia is not a simple charge. The consequences are severe and life-altering. Not only is the charge expensive, but the jail time and driver’s license suspension have extremely negative effects on the career and family life of the offender. If you find yourself in a bad situation, Leon Matchin, your local New Jersey drug attorney, is here to help. Call Leon Matchin, Attorney at Law at (833) 732-7320 or contact him via email at [email protected].